Workplace Integrity Training

Workplace Integrity Training

Create the culture you want

Training and awareness is the key to any organisation achieving compliance with relevant legislation and achieving corporate objectives, including fostering, and maintaining a culture of integrity in the workplace.

A well-trained workforce not only protects the organisation against financial, legal, and reputational risk, but also protects individual employees working together to achieve its stated objectives.

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Interactive training for real life scenarios

Our training sessions are tailored to your needs with a focus on using real life relevant case studies to promote discussion and enhance the learning experience. For example, our Code of Conduct/Ethics training sessions utilise “ethical dilemma” scenarios based on events that have occurred in your organisation. This prompts critical thinking in the context of your organisation’s policy and procedural requirements.

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Train and support staff to identify and report workplace integrity issues

We provide interactive training and awareness sessions on a range of workplace integrity issues so that your employees can better understand the issue in the operational context.


Some of the issues covered in  our training and awareness sessions include:

  • Investigations principles and practice (A range of sessions depending on the experience of the audience)
  • Interviewing skills & Detecting Deception
  • Fraud and corruption awareness
  • Conflict of interest management
  • Gifts and hospitality management
  • Whistleblowing, including for eligible disclosers and recipients
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