Governance and strategy

Governance and strategy

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In this exciting time of information technology evolution a focus on good governance is critical

Our rapidly evolving information technology sector continues to enable innovation and new business models, allowing us to reach more customers and to introduce more efficient systems and processes. But don't get swept up in the hype. Ensure your investment remains aligned with your organisation's mission, goals and objectives to extend the value of your business.

PKF's IT governance experts can assist. 

We will work with you to develop a framework that helps align your IT goals with your business goals, and, in doing so, encourage innovation and reduce risk.

The benefits of good IT governance 

Gone are the days when the responsibility of managing an effective and compliant IT function could be outsourced to a supplier of services. These days, this responsibility falls squarely with you, as the business operator or board member. And the benefits of good IT governance are substantial. 
Good IT governance will allow you to extend the value of your business by optimising risk and managing resources to support your organisation's mission, goals and objectives. It will also ensure regulatory compliance, encourage growth and innovation, help you reduce and track risks in a controlled environment, and enable you to gain a competitive advantage.
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Protect and build your business

We understand that every business's needs are different. Our IT governance experts will listen to you, understand your needs, and tailor a solution to support the continued growth and development of your business. 
Whether you require a review of current information systems, cyber governance support, an ERP suitability assessment, a risk assessment, or assistance with strategy alignment, PKF will assist.
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Why choose PKF?

Our IT governance experts offer substantial expertise, having worked extensively with government entities, and with private companies across a broad range industry sectors. We can draw upon this experience to share insights and learnings for your business. 
As part of an international network of firms, we can also draw upon the rich resources of PKF to provide additional support in any jurisdiction across the world, as needed. 
With substantial digital capability, we offer a full, end-to-end service, ensuring governance and strategy considerations are in tune, your cyber security measures are in place, through to selection and implementation of applications, and enabling process improvement, as required. 

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