Workplace misconduct investigations

Workplace misconduct investigations

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Uphold the integrity of your business, and take action when needed

The allegation of bullying or harassment occurring within your business can have longstanding, negative impacts on organisational culture and reputation, if not managed effectively.

The expert team at PKF offer decades of experience in handling the most sensitive of situations, enabling organisations to reinforce their values and move forward with ethics and culture intact.

Protecting your business, your staff, and your shareholders

Workplace investigations are required when there is reliable information of serious wrongdoing or misconduct in the workplace. The aim of these investigations is to understand what took place and gather evidence and facts through interviews and other investigations. They can help protect the health of your company, and your relationships with shareholders and employees.

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Deep expertise to investigate the most sensitive of issues

The specialists at PKF are regularly engaged to investigate workplace issues, such as bullying and sexual harassment for both public and private sector organisations.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes law enforcement, compliance, risk management and digital analytics experts. Together we have over 100 years of investigating sensitive matters, within Australia and across the world. 

Our experience ensures that our investigations are conducted with procedural fairness and compliance with organisational and legislative requirements.

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Why choose PKF?

We offer the experience and expertise to conduct sensitive investigations with professionalism, discretion, empathy, patience, and integrity. 

With specialists located across the country, we are available to work closely with you, and we can draw on national and international resources as required.

We will help protect your business, your staff, and your community.

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