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Across the globe, the hunger for creative media, arts, film and television content is more voracious than ever. It may be the new golden age of screen and live entertainment, but funding complexities, co-production challenges and regulatory shifts can call “cut!” before you’ve even begun.

That’s where PKF takes a starring (or cameo) role.

Putting the focus on your business

Whether you’re producing feature films, television series, documentaries, animations, or other screen media or live entertainment, we can provide a full range of services to help you structure, account and meet the compliance needs of Australian film and entertainment industry projects, while also getting you ready to seize new opportunities and initiatives.

Our team has the industry know-how to reliably offer:

  • Advice on rebates, offsets and other sources of funding, including Gold Coast specialist audits of Film Production Grants
  • Audit and assurance
  • Controllership and accounting
  • National and global co-production facilitation and audit
  • Film investment structuring
  • Taxation advice
  • Advising creative individuals.
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Advice on rebates, offsets and other sources of funding

Funding is often made available through the Australian Government agency Screen Australia and state-based entities to help cover production costs for eligible projects, but navigating complex submission requirements can be a horror.

The PKF team, however, can help you tap into these valuable opportunities, through:

  • Advice on whether expenditure qualifies for a rebate and on the classification of eligible expenditure within your application
  • Preparation of rebate estimates
  • Provision of rebate audit opinions required as preconditions for financing
  • Assistance with preparation and lodgement of provisional certification, and assistance in the preparation of rebate/offset applications.
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Film investment structuring

Having the right film investment structures in place is vital. Not only does it help protect your rights, but also smooths the way for accessing government incentives, and effectively plan for and comply with tax obligations.

The PKF industry experts are on hand to provide:

  • Structuring advice
  • Withholding tax variation applications
  • Advice on the tax implications of royalty arrangements and international service fees
  • Assistance in incorporating a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)
  • Tax registration services, including GST, ABN and PAYG
  • Assistance in the SPV liquidation process.
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Why choose PKF?

Having worked for and among the arts and screen media industry, we understand your sector. We can tailor a solution that addresses your specific needs, with a clear understanding of the issues you are experiencing.

We want your venture to succeed. We are passionate about the arts in Australia and we want to help propel the success of Aussie businesses in this sector.

With specialists in Australia and across the world, we are eager and available to support you with the expertise and rich resources our full network has to offer. 

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