Corporate advisory

Corporate advisory

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Realising ambitions and enhancing the performance of your business

Feeling lonely at the top? A strong and knowledgeable corporate advisory team brings specialist advice and understanding, to help you deliver meaningful outcomes and build the value of your business.
Bringing business expertise, well-researched insights, and independent global perspectives to the table, your advisors can help you and your company navigate growth, access finance options, maximise returns, develop strategies, recruit the best talent, mediate between interests, oversee governance and ultimately help set your business up for growth and success.

Mergers and acquisitions: We’re with you all the way

Our team can assist with every stage of your merger or acquisition journey – from strategy and target identification to due diligence and completion. For many years, we’ve helped clients navigate the complex financial, regulatory and operational issues found in any M&A deal – including supporting you when the dust has settled.

The M&A specialists at PKF can assist across the entire M&A journey, from initial approaches, valuations and strategic analyses, to due diligence and negotiations, finance, and finally, appointments and integrations.

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Capital raising: Secure the investment you need

Over the decades, the PKF team has built an extensive network of local and global financial investors, including private equity funds, bank and non-bank debt/credit providers, and even family, private and high net-worth investors.

Our specialists work with you – sharing our ideas, expertise and resources to create the most effective funding plan and structure for your business.

Just as importantly, we’ll ensure that you are ‘investor ready’ and that potential investors are presented with high-quality information to get you the best deal – whether you’re looking to expand, exploring new markets, refinancing, planning an IPO or handling M&A or management buy-outs and ins.

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IPO support: Expert advice when it’s time to go public

Listing a company on the stock exchange is a huge step for any company. That’s why you need trusted, competent and experienced advisors with national and international experience.

We can help you prepare a smooth launch for your Initial Public Offering by assisting with timing analysis, planning, and execution – regardless of why or where you’re planning on listing. Not only do we help ensure that all the ASX, NSX and ASIC requirements are met, but we can also offer guidance on valuation, capital structures and financial models, pre-IPO funding, selecting underwriters, appointing specialist advisors, and even drafting your prospectus or PDS.

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Divestments: Rewarding your dedication and hard work

After years of hard work, focus and dedication, the decision to sell a business can get pretty emotional – for you, your family and those working in your business. And unfortunately, emotions can often cloud sound judgement. With early planning and independent, knowledgeable advice though, you can be well-prepared, confident and full of optimism.

Our specialist team will work with you to outline all possible exit strategies, so you’re familiar with the divestment process, understand how buyers assess value, and recognise the advantages, disadvantages and likelihood of success for each approach.

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Business optimisation: Delivering value to reward your business

Our goal is to raise yours, and the expertise PKF delivers aims to give you the confidence you need to drive success, whether you’re planning for the long-term or optimising value before selling.

The business specialists at PKF can assist in developing short-term strategies to maximise value, optimise working capital to release surplus cash, and identify potential buyers and approaches, risk assessments and purchaser-perspective reviews.

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Why choose PKF?

We offer deep expertise at every stage of your transaction, along with significant experience in maximising opportunity and minimising risk along the way. 
As a member of a global community of PKF firms, we offer access to rich resources and expertise, located across the world, as required.

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