Forensic accounting

Forensic accounting

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Working hands-on to protect you and your business

We know how hard business owners work to achieve success. But when that success is under threat, is at risk of financial or reputational harm, or has its integrity called into question, you need expert guidance who’ll act quickly, effectively and responsibly. 

PKF will help you manage the threats and fortify your business for the future, so you can rest easier.

A full spectrum of forensic solutions

You can rely on PKF’s technical and industry forensic accounting specialists to comprehensively, reliably and rapidly identify loss by honing in on data, and efficiently sourcing and collating evidence.
Our globally proficient teams can provide forensic valuation services to businesses, company trusts and corporate groups, particularly across commercial and insurance litigation, family law, and estate disputes.
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Prevention and pursuit

It’s an old cliché but a true one: prevention is always better than cure.
Using niche expertise and specialist resources, our experts offer hands-on guidance to help you prevent corruption and fraud before it occurs, and provide data investigation and forensic accounting, if the worst should happen.
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Tailoring our expertise to your needs

Our forensic accounting team is multi-disciplinary, with specialisations that include law enforcement, corporate finance, audit, and business services. Together, they deliver forensic accounting services to a broad spectrum of organisations across the world. 
As part of the worldwide PKF network, we are able to draw upon additional global expertise, as required, to undertake accounting investigations, assessments of damages, post-acquisition disputes, injury, liability and negligence claims, report critiques, valuations and verifications, and property disputes.
Our experts are available when and where you need them.
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Why choose PKF?

We offer deep expertise in the field of forensic accounting, with global leaders of various specialisations involved. 

Our experience spans organisations of all sizes. We are available to support your business, when you require our help.

As part of a global network of firms, we offer on the ground support across over 200 countries, as required. 

Our team

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Our forensic accounting experts will help guide you through to a resolution, achieving the best possible outcome for all concerned, so you can focus on your future.

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