Transaction services

Transaction services

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Supporting your major transactions with rigorous financial analysis and insights

Buying, selling, merging or expanding through an IPO – they’re all massive undertakings. And to get it right, you need focused and effective due diligence, trustworthy risk assessment, and a thorough understanding of the key value drivers. 
Or, to make life easier, you simply need the expertise of PKF’s corporate transaction specialists.

It all comes down to hard work and diligence

Highly regarded for our ‘no surprises’ approach to tailoring solutions to meet specific transaction needs, we bring a global perspective and in-depth experience with ASX-100 companies, large multinationals, and private equity-backed businesses, to fuel our entrepreneurial focus and innovative thinking.
We provide a range of transaction support services, including both vendor and buyer due diligence, IPO reports and preparation or review of financial models.
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Financial due diligence: Rigorous analysis and considered insights

Make decisions with confidence, knowing that PKF’s independence, experience, commercial approach, attention to detail and objectivity will deliver a clear and authoritative view of the situation – because we will share our insights with you.
Our financial due diligence services are carefully matched to your requirements – broad or narrow – whether you’re buying, divesting or capital raising. And PKF’s team are skilled at providing comprehensive scrutiny over forecast and historical earnings and cash flow, financial position, working capital requirements, key business drivers, tax compliance and more.
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Operational due diligence: Developing plans to ensure successful deals

Smart planning and a deep understanding of operational issues are key to successful deals. That’s why, at PKF, we make them our focus.
You can rely on our operational due diligence specialists to deliver a high-quality, informed analysis of your target company’s operational performance that identifies and evaluate potential synergies and separation issues, and helps you develop an effective integration plan.
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Financial modelling: Delivering clarity through knowledge

Well-structured financial models are powerful tools in fully understanding the key drivers of financial performance and value for a business, project, M&A transaction or funding proposal.
Sure, financial models naturally evolve over time, but without well-structured design or integrity checks, even minor changes can have long-lasting and unexpected consequences. That’s why clients turn to PKF to create financial models that deliver a clear view of the business landscape, allow for realistic budgets, and promote robust financial plans, valuations and decision-making.
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