Succession and transition

Succession and transition

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Whether you've built your business from the ground up, or carried on a proud family legacy, inevitably there comes a time to hand the business onto the next generation, or exit. Will you be ready?

We start with you and your family

The process of business ownership change can be difficult and emotional. Without a structured process and expert guidance, it can be difficult to know where to start.

We start by understanding all the key people involved. By taking a people-first approach, we can ensure we have a shared, and deep understanding of your stakeholders' motivations, values, and objectives.

We can then guide you through a structured process to form a clear plan of action, with consideration five key pillars:

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Based on these pillars, the team at PKF will work with you to guide you through the process of transitioning wealth and business ownership.

We will help you develop important plans for your future, including a business plan, succession plan, retirement plan, and an estate plan, all designed to ensure a smooth and equitable transition of assets and ownership, while preserving your legacy.

And we can help you to successfully execute these plans, providing ongoing support and guidance throughout the process.

Steve Meyn, Chairman of PKF Australia, describes our approach to wealth transition

"There's a people aspect to wealth transition - a critical component - that often gets forgotten about in the wealth transition process, hence why many transition plans don't work successfully."

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Let's chart a clear path forward

A successful wealth transition plan starts with a clear roadmap. That’s why we work with our clients to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses each unique situation.

Our approach to wealth transition and succession planning starts with a deep understanding of the individuals involved. The PKF team takes the time to assess the strengths and weaknesses of different personalities and conduct a behavioural assessment using specialised tools to gain a comprehensive understanding of the people first.

This approach sets us apart from others, allowing us to effectively manage the succession planning process, before moving onto the development of legal and financial structures based on the family’s specific goals and risk tolerance.

Our team of advisors will work closely with you to identify and address potential challenges and provide ongoing support throughout the implementation process.

With PKF, you can rest assured that your legacy is in good hands.

Learn more about PKF’s approach to wealth transition

Whether you've built your business from the ground up, or carried on a proud family legacy, inevitably there comes a time to hand the business onto the next generation, or exit. Are you ready?

Download this free eBook to learn about PKF's tried and tested approach to wealth transition, and start your journey.

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Why choose PKF?

Our approach to succession and wealth transition starts with a deep understanding of the people involved. We apply a simple behavioural assessment tool to help kick start the transition process and to help ensure everyone is heard and understood.
We offer tried and tested methodology, which has a demonstrable track record of success. We are confident that we can support your business and your family through the most complex of wealth transitions.

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