Restructuring and turnaround

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Empathy, insights and vision

Challenges to a company’s ongoing health can arise for a host of reasons – some that can be predicted, and others that seem to come out of nowhere – and recognising the early warning signs of potential insolvency is not always easy. 

But when the red flags do appear, it’s important to have experience, focus and objective vision on your side... and that’s where PKF comes in.

More than just experience — it’s understanding

Our expert advisors will work with you, and all stakeholders, to achieve the best possible outcome for all. We’ll look closely at your industry, your markets and your company’s place within them. We’ll examine your operations and business structure and then provide frank advice on what steps to take next, so you can embark on the next stage of your business's development, or start a new chapter with peace of mind.

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When trouble’s brewing, create options that can change the outcome

The right support at the right time can make all the difference to future success. From tailored contingency plans to prepare you for turbulent times, to practical and timely stabilisation strategies, safe harbour advisory, restructuring and turnaround, and members' voluntary liquidations, our specialists take a hands-on approach to  implement bespoke, sustainable solutions that preserve and enhance value.

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Early detection, rapid response

In business, time is of the essence, and never more so than when your company is facing complex challenges. That’s why it’s vital that any issue – even the hint of one – is tackled early and swiftly. Our experts can quickly identify the root causes of business decline and work closely with you to take remedial action.

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Why choose PKF?

A rare combination delivering confidence and scope. Drawing on the insights and experience of our nationwide network, few firms in Australia are as well placed as PKF to manage matters of all sizes – from the niche and boutique to very large and complex.

A multi-disciplinary team of experts. As a full-service advisory firm with a national and global reach, we’re able to draw on the guidance and know-how of other disciplines as needed, locally and internationally.

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