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Are you looking for an Accountant or Business Adviser? PKF Canberra can help!

PKF is a network of independent firms. Each branch shares the same values and believes in taking responsibility for the role PFK plays in your journey. We are a growing leader in accounting, audit and assurance, located in the nation’s capital.

One great advantage to this approach is flexibility. Being independently owner-managed means, we aren't constrained by corporate hindrances. Yet, being part of a bigger pictures means we have access to a whole range of information and resources on a national and global scale. Often access to these assets aren't possible for our smaller competitors.

PKF offers a comprehensive suite of accounting and business advisory services. No matter what stage of the business lifecycle or industry sector you're in.

And Canberra is the perfect place to find business success! With a strong business chamber and ample opportunities, the city has almost all your bases covered. All that’s left is to find a trust-worthy team of financial experts – that’s where we come in.

Realise your business or personal wealth goals with PKF Canberra

“At PKF Canberra we take a hands-on approach. We take the time to understand not only your accounting, audit and assurance needs but your business and commercial goals, so we can deliver bespoke solutions that help you get closer to your vision.”

Ross Di Bartolo, Partner PKF Canberra

Your trusted accounting partner and business adviser in Canberra

We are one of the largest accounting associations in Australia and across the globe. That means our team has the capability and resources to provide the very best services. We offer whatever you need when you need it.

You, the client, are important to us. We are proud to provide top-quality customer service and work in such a way that you're encouraged to spread the word - this is how PKF has managed to expand our brand across the world.

We offer bespoke specialist, complex advisory and audit solutions for businesses and individuals in the Canberra region. Our services include:

Audit and Assurance

PKF's audit and assurance service helps you achieve your goals by delivering clarity around accounting, internal controls and broader business risks.
Audit and Assurance

Business Advisory (including bookkeeping and IT Consulting)

Our business advisory service provides the expert support and guidance you need to overcome hurdles and unlock limitless possibilities for your business to thrive.
Business Advisory


Our experienced team of global tax experts can help you navigate the complexities of your tax obligations and legal requirements with ease and confidence.


Understanding your business ensures that our advice works.

Once we understand the position you are in, we can offer a practical remedy that addresses any problem you’re experiencing in your business. PKF Canberra take prides in our individually tailored, solution-driven approach to you.

From there, we work together, sharing our niche ideas, specialist resources, and industry experience with you. We believe this will create a meaningful relationship that will benefit all parties.

We want to work with you to help you reach your goals and exceed your expectations along the way.

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