Governance risk compliance

Governance risk compliance

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Getting the best from your business can often feel like an uphill battle against the broad range of governance, risk and compliance issues you have to face

Worst of all, a Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) strategy that's not fit-for-purpose can waste scarce resources and promote inefficiency throughout your company's operations.  

With PKF by your side however, we can help take some of the load off you, and throw in the clarity and peace of mind you need to really see your business thrive.

Helping get you closer to your goals

Our technical and industry experts can partner with you to create a framework that helps define what your business stands for. Then, together, we can determine how your purpose impacts governance, risk and compliance challenges... and opportunities.

Through greater practical transparency and insights into all these areas, we can help you create a more efficient and effective business, improve overall performance, and make big advances towards your business goals.

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Grow trust from inside and outside your organisation

We’ll open up your world to PKF’s global expertise and provide tailored advice across the spectrum of business needs, from improving board and committee structure, detecting and preventing money laundering, identifying risk appetite and uncovering weaknesses and opportunities, through to developing internal audit plans, reviewing procurement and contract management, and benchmarking against Australian and international governance principles.

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It’s a team effort

Good governance requires accountability, fairness, transparency and independence, which are driven by the board and management of an organisation and nurtured within a conducive culture, enabling better decision making.
Strong risk management involves the ability to anticipate and navigate risks to your business, and to embrace the opportunities they present to assert your organisation's competitiveness. Directors alone cannot establish and maintain effective risk management practices. By involving all levels of your team, accountability and responsibility for managing business risk is shared, thorough and pragmatic.
Good compliance requires the ability evolve to an ever-changing regulatory environment. The better you understand your compliance risk profile, the better positioned you will be to prevent non-compliance from impacting on your ability to achieve your strategic objectives. 
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Why choose PKF?

We are purpose driven. Our team of technical and industry experts will partner with you to create a framework that helps define what your business stands for. We will use this to determine how your purpose impacts governance, risk and compliance challenges and opportunities.
We offer a complete solution. Business improvements require risk management to be integrated across your organisation’s people, processes and systems. Our experienced team will help lead risk management projects across your business, from risk assessment to full software implementation.
We are available and eager to work with you. Our team of experts are located across the country and offer local support for your business.

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