Payroll compliance

Payroll compliance

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Equipping you with the insights, tools and confidence to ensure a fully compliant payroll function

Amid all the constant change occurring in our operational environments, it's important we keep abreast of regulatory change to remain compliant and competitive - and today, this includes a focus on your payroll activities.

Recent changes to pay-related legislation in Queensland and Victoria, along with changes to superannuation and tax requirements, and the setting of a new national minimum wage, require business owners and operators to be diligent to ensure employees are being paid fairly.

At PKF, we can apply smart technology to identify any areas of your business that may be at risk, and work with you to ensure a fully compliant payroll function.

Payroll compliance requires all federal, state, and local regulations surrounding the processing of payroll and filing of payroll related taxes to be compliant. Employers who violate any of these laws may face hefty fines or penalties, impacting their bottom-line and their reputation. Clayton Hickey, Partner at PKF

A thorough and innovative approach

Compliance is a focus for all business areas, and this importantly includes payroll.
We can work with you to ensure full compliance of your payroll function, no matter the complexity of your operations.
Our service can be tailored to suit your specific organisational situation and needs. At very high level, we can provide:
  • A comprehensive payroll review to identify risks and any root causes of non-compliance
  • Routine payroll reviews to ensure high levels of compliance are sustained
  • Detailed reporting dashboards, which apply leading-edge technology to distill big data and provide a level of granularity and context which is often difficult to convey in a written report. Over time, this can become a powerful knowledge management system for you.
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Applying leading-edge technology for valuable insights

Our approach to reporting and communicating value has progressively shifted towards the use of dashboards, providing deeper and more value-adding insights with respect to at-risk and commercial relationships.
The dashboards help to illustrate any specific root causes of wage underpayment or non-compliance, specific exceptions, and where any risk may be emanating.
The dashboard operates as an online kiosk, where you are able to select states, regions, exceptions, root cause, and also undertake your own searches and enquiries specific to your information needs.
The insights gleaned from this approach can help inform your design of training, education, and process improvement programs, to continue to strengthen the business.
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Identification of underpayment

As part of a routine payroll review, our data team coded the rules of each industry's instrument for a transport business with over 3,000 employees. 
An unintended but material underpayment was identified by replicating the rules for each industrial instrument in our coding environment. The corresponding rules in the client's payroll system did not behave as intended. 
Approximately 13,500 shift and rate outcomes were coded, identifying that the hours worked for employees were not being recorded appropriately. A substantial underpayment was identified. 
The specialist team at PKF worked with the business operator to provide support with stakeholder management, development of a communications strategy, and to put in place remediating controls to resolve the problem. 
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Why choose PKF?

We offer deep expertise and substantial expertise in delivering sophisticated and highly effective payroll compliance solutions, allowing organisations to save money and avoid substantial risks to their business. 
Our advisers offer a highly commercial mindset, able to solve complex problems and communicate clearly to deliver valuable outcomes for businesses of all sizes.
We have a multi-disciplinary team of experts, who use leading-edge technologies to analyse large data sets efficiently. We can deliver timely, robust results for your business.

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Are you confident your payroll function is compliant?

Our team of experts are available to help your business demonstrate best practice payroll compliance, as well as support its ongoing improvement.

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