Family business

Family business

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The right tools and support to build success and wealth for your family's business

Running a successful, family-owned business is hard work. There are the long hours, the sacrifices, the determination to excel, and of course, the trepidation when it’s time to pass the baton to someone else. Then of course, there are the family dynamics. It can be a minefield, and is why independent, objective, knowledgeable advice is so important – not only for your business but, more importantly, for your family. 
And that’s why private businesses across Australia turn to PKF for guidance.

Happy families — it all comes down to balance and communication

Our family business experts bring a wealth of experience and global insights to local family businesses – both large and small. We take pride in offering a tailored, adaptable, flexible and successful approach centered around growing your family company and putting safeguards in place for the future.

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Every family is unique, which is why our approach is too

While family businesses face distinct challenges and vulnerabilities, they also come with their own unique strengths. Through our expert, tailored advice, we’ll take a deep dive into your business, take time to understand the particular needs and goals of all stakeholders, and get to thoroughly know your current and target market environment, so we can help you drive success across generations and give you the power you to leave your mark on the world.
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Why choose PKF?

We offer a complete business advisory and audit service, which means we can help you strengthen your business in all areas - from harnessing the power of innovation and technology to gain efficiency and competitive advantage, to building robust financial strategies to secure your family's future.
As part of a global community of PKF member firms, we offer access to specialist, on-the-ground support in almost every jurisdiction in the world. We can help your business grow beyond boundaries.
We are a friendly, accessible group of advisory specialists, not bound by bureaucracy. We will partner with you to propel the success of your business.

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Our family business experts will help guide you through to a resolution, achieving the best possible outcome for all concerned, so you can focus on your future.

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