Valuation services

Valuation services

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Providing valuations that stand up to scrutiny

Whether you are selling, buying, restructuring, or simply making choices around investment, there’s never room for guesswork in your decision-making. But getting a clear, unbiased, informed and reliable valuation of your company, potential deals, financial arrangements, and intellectual property can feel almost impossible. That is unless you have PKF’s expertise to hand.
Technically robust with detailed analyses, the specialists at PKF will provide you with an independent valuation that you and your stakeholders can rely on.

Numbers you can trust

Whatever business decision you’re dealing with, you can rely on PKF’s rigorous approach and experienced team to crunch the numbers. Whether you’re acquiring or divesting a business, assessing investment projects, weighing up capital allocations, raising capital, transferring IP, or even complying with tax obligations or resolving a dispute, a trustworthy and realistic valuation can not only help your planning and development, but also increase the value of your assets.
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Empowering you to make informed decisions

Our independent valuation advice, honed from years of experience across a range of industries, empowers you to make commercial decisions with the right information at your fingertips. The highly experienced and respected valuations team at PKF can assist with everything from business, IP and intangible asset valuations to independent expert reports and assessments of complex financial assets and liabilities such as options, share rights, convertible notes and other derivatives.
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Experienced independent valuers when you need them most

Whether you find yourself in a legal dispute, or need an independent expert report to meet the Corporations Act or Listing Rules, PKF's specialists have the experience, integrity, analytical background and know-how, and to deliver valuation opinions and services you can rely on with confidence.
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A smart approach to intellectual property valuations

What’s your brand really worth? How about your customer and supplier lists, software, technology, royalties and patents? The valuation of intellectual property is technically complex and requires careful consideration of a range of factors. It’s why our experts drill deep into your IP and distil an analysis that’s clear and concise.
We can even help you implement strategies to create, protect and maximise that value for the future.
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Why choose PKF?

Our expert advisors offer substantial national and international experience, involving ASX 100 companies, large Australian and multinational organisations, and private equity-backed businesses. We will draw on this experience to support your business objectives. 
As part of an international network of advisory firms, we offer access to the rich resources and expertise located across the PKF Global community, as required.
We will help you extend business value. A business valuation can help your business planning and development process, which can in turn increase the value of your business.

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