Mentoring and coaching

Mentoring and coaching

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Propel your future

Be the best that you can be. Build the best business that you can build

When people compete in sport, whether participating as an individual or in a team, they will be the best they can possibly be when they have the right coach. The same applies in business.
Building a successful business requires knowledge, skills and guidance from a host of people inside and outside an organisation.
At PKF, we take business mentoring and coaching seriously. It is another way that we can help you propel your future

Select the program that best suits you

PKF offers a range of programs, from regular informal discussions to more structured programs. Whichever option you choose, we will take time to understand the strategic objectives of your business, as well as your personal aspirations. We will then identify the most suitable mentor or coach to help you propel your success.

Informal mentoring to learn one-on-one

Our business advisors located across the country can be your confidant and coach, sharing their knowledge and expertise freely to help you grow your business.
You can ask them anything, and they will also ask you poignant questions to get you thinking about your business. It's very much a partnership, and we will celebrate your successes with you. 
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Structured coaching to learn with others

Our structured coaching programs allow for up to eight like-minded business owners and managers to convene ten times per year, each with four-hour sessions. There are no competing members in any group.
Your independent business coach will challenge you and your peers to help expand your business and leadership skills.
The experiences shared during these highly confidential sessions aim to build knowledge, skills, confidence, and expertise. And the reviews have been positive.
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Everyone has found it highly rewarding. Spending time with the coaching group is a fantastic motivator for success. Andrew Glen, Aviator Capital

The sessions were challenging and at times confronting, but very rewarding. They are very effective in getting actual results — both personal and business. I would highly recommend these coaching and strategy sessions. Andrew Craig, HCP Lawyers

Why choose PKF?

Whether you choose to engage with a one-on-one business mentor or to participate in a structured coaching program, PKF can provide you with the support you need to move forward with confidence. Our mentors and coaches have significant experience in working with a wide range of business operators to help them propel their organisations forward. And we can help you too.
If you are seeking a genuine, skilled advisor to advance with, contact us.

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