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Supplier Invoice Fraud – What are the signs?

Businesses should ensure they have processes in place to verify the legitimacy of any request to update details, especially bank and finance details.

13 October 2021
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    Take 5 with Stacie Shaw

    Take 5 has shown the team at PKF that there are a lot of things that we may not know about someone, even if we work with them everyday! So we took 5 minutes to chat with 2021 Mark Lonnon Employee of the Year and Commercial Manager, Stacie Shaw, to get to know a little bit about her.

    13 October 2021
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    Business advisory

    Ensuring your business survives the effects of COVID-19

    If we focus on the things that we can’t control and burn our energy and resources, we might just miss the business opportunities that disruption can present.

    13 October 2021
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    Business advisory

    Strength, Tenacity and Resilience – How will you live with COVID?

    Rather than “surviving” the lockdown or simply planning to return to pre-lockdown life, aim to capitalise on it. Cutting costs only lasts so long.

    13 October 2021


2020 Summer Pulse Front Cover

Business insights

Pulse - Summer 2020

Well what a year 2020 has been, one that none of us will forget. I am sure we will all look back on this period and take from it learnings about business and life as we were accustomed to but equally the positive lessons in life that it has delivered. As I recently read “2020 is not the year to get everything you want but the year to appreciate everything you have”. With Christmas less than a month away not a bad thought to reflect on for us all.

9 December 2021
Pulse 2

Business insights

Pulse - Spring 2021

Spring has officially sprung, bringing us warmer and brighter months to look forward to.

With only three months left of 2021 and a roadmap out of the current COVID restrictions, we look to the future with hope. With New South Wales on the verge of 80% of people fully vaccinated and talk of international travel on the cards by Christmas, it is positive to see some light, shining on the other side of the COVID tunnel.

13 October 2021
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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance Deal Sheet

The PKF Corporate Finance team share the current mandates/opportunities from the PKF in Australia network within this edition of the Corporate Finance Deal Sheet, outlining the current deals seeking buyers, investors, capital and acquisitions in a wide range of sectors.

September 2021

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2020 M~1

Business Advisory

JBS Hospitality & Events Group | Serving up the foundations of accounting advice for growth

“PKF is our go-to for business advice, which I guess has proved to be a great decision as we have expanded exponentially!"

Bri Arita


ARITA announces key timing issue in COVID-19 temporary relief measures

Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association (ARITA) announced on 29 September 2020 that it has “become aware of a key timing issue in the COVID-19 temporary insolvency relief measures that has not been widely appreciated.”

2 October 2020
Audit & Assurance - Risk Management in a COVID-19 World - Ken Weldin - 2020

Risk management

Risk Management in a COVID-19 world

A business’ reputation is one of its greatest assets and can be severely damaged by being ...

10 February 2021
2020 A~3

Business Advisory

Gilbert Motors | Putting Tom and Sally behind the steering wheel for business growth

“PKF is an amazing foundation for our business – they make sure we make prudent decisions with investments and various other decisions.”

20th March
2020 Adelaide Jumpstart Edward Juers Low Res (1)


JumpStart | PKF Business Advisory Services power up JumpStart to get to where they want to go faster

“PKF understand my position as a start-up…and for me, this means that we’ve been able to succeed earlier.”

Clarity Summer Edition 2020 Edm Image Shaun Lindemann (1)


Regulation of Auditing in Australia – What does the future hold?

In this radically changing environment, independent and accurate external auditing is more critical than ever in helping determine efficient and effective capital allocation. Most would agree that recent headwinds – not the least being the COVID-19 pandemic – have created a heightened level of general uncertainty.

17 February 2020
201209 BRI Insolvency Laws


Watch Out for New Insolvency Laws in 2021
09 December 2020
Pulse Summer Edition 2020 EDM Image Christina Manfre

Business Advisory

Seven leadership qualities that will make you a more effective leader
13 January 2021
Pulse Summer Edition 2020 EDM Image David Morgan


Whistleblowing in Australia is still a work in progress – part 2
3 March 2021