Advisory boards

Advisory boards

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Teaming up with independent knowledge, expertise, and advice

Even the finest business leaders can get caught up in the grind of seeking new opportunities or managing complex issues. If it's starting to feel lonely at the top with the business' success solely resting on your shoulders, setting up an advisory board can be an easy and effective way to fast-track the success of your business. 
PKF’s industry experts not only provide a shoulder to lean on, but also a sounding board for ideas, innovations and, of course, questions.

The easy way to energise your business

Facilitated by PKF’s specialists, we can help establish a credible and independent advisory board to provide expertise, independent guidance, business development insights and global perspectives, so you can focus on growth of the business, rather than putting out the day-to-day fires of operation.
Your personalised advisory board can bring together the best minds and expertise for your particular needs. Typically, it can include business advisory professionals and executives from within our ranks, experts from our wider international, national and local networks, and the critical decision-makers within your business.
In short, we’re your business confidant and guide.
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You ask…we provide

A strong and successful advisory board can provide a range of advice and benefits to your business, including help in navigating growth, maximising returns, accessing finance, developing strategies, exploring new markets, building networks, creating teams, embracing innovation, and ultimately setting up for sustained success.
Give your business the competitive edge of a constructive advisory board.
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Why choose PKF?

As one of the top ten advisory firms in Australia, we offer the connections to be able to introduce you to a broad range of industry specialists who may be able to help propel your business.
We also offer access to our in-house expertise, both in Australia and around the world. You can enjoy access to the rich resources that PKF has to offer internationally.
We are also passionate about supporting the growth of Aussie businesses. We are eager and available to support yours.

Our team

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Our advisory board experts will help guide you through to a resolution, achieving the best possible outcome for all concerned, so you can focus on your future.

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