IFRS advisory

IFRS advisory

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We compete in a global marketplace, where consistent application of high-quality standards is paramount. The same applies in accounting, with the application of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for most Australian companies with reporting obligations. 

The application IFRS can, however, be complex and require judgement. 

PKF can assist you with timely, accurate, and pragmatic advice to ensure your financial statements are compliant with these accounting standards.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are a set of rules that entities use for their accounting function. These rules dictate how companies prepare and present their financial statements. The primary objective of the IFRS is to help companies present their financial position and performance in an understandable and consistent way. Ken Weldin, Partner at PKF

Why is IFRS important?

IFRS is important because it mandates how businesses need to maintain and report their accounts. Created and maintained by the International Accounting Standards Board to establish a common accounting language across different industries and countries, IFRS offers many benefits for both investors and businesses alike.

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The benefits to be gained

For investors, global and consistent treatment of financial statements makes it is easier to compare financial performance of different companies across borders.

For businesses, IFRS provides clear rules and procedures to help prevent misstatements and manipulation, promotes transparency and accountability, and offers opportunity to gain efficiencies in operations.

For auditors, IFRS provides guidance on specific areas of accounting and helps auditors ensure the financial statements are accurate and complete.

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Why choose PKF?

We offer substantial expertise and experience. Our team has deep expertise in advising entities across the world on IFRS adoption and improved performance. 

We are available and eager to assist. As a Top 10 firm in Australia, and as part of a global community of firms with rich resources and expertise to tap into across the world, we are well positioned to support your business no matter of size or complexity.

Our team

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IFRS presents opportunities to streamline your accounting function.

The experts at PKF are available to help you navigate complexity and simplify.

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