Business intelligence

Business intelligence

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Propel your future

Hone in on the right data to propel your business

Gone are the days when performance of a business is reviewed on a monthly basis. With so much data available from so many sources, you have the opportunity to automate its collection, and access the critical information you need, when you need it, to achieve your objectives. 

The experts at PKF will help you to bring your critical information to the fore, so you can focus on building your business.

Insights delivered in three simple steps

Explore and discover: Firstly, we spend time with you to explore and fully understand your business. Then, together we create a wish list of custom reports that perfectly match your needs and objectives. If you can imagine it, we can create it.
Extract and organise: We then extract raw data directly from your current software and systems. Our process is non-intrusive and requires limited disruption to your existing operations and procedures. With our advanced technology and analytics, data can be drawn from a limitless number of sources to enhance the richness of insight. 
Report and automate: Finally, we turn your complex and unrefined source data into clear and simple visualisations. And we use automation to deliver timely reporting, to make access to the insights even easier for you.
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Is it time to work smarter?

Evidence-based, timely decisions are so important when building a business and remaining competitive. 

With access to comprehensive, yet simplified reports, you will find it easier to know what's really happening in your business.

The business intelligence experts at PKF will work with you to apply the relevant technologies, often including Power BI, to collect, consolidate and present the information you need, financial or non-financial, and to empower you as a decision maker and business leader. 

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Why choose PKF?

We offer local expertise, and the backing of a global team of highly experienced and qualified business professionals, who are available to work with you to identify and deliver key metrics.

Our deep expertise translates to an efficient, cost-effective approach. We can deliver a tailored solution, with customised reports, without disrupting your business.

We understand you do not have a lot of time to find the information you need. All of our reports and solutions are designed to be extremely to use and access. 

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