Whistleblower programs

Whistleblower programs

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Build a healthy, speak-up culture within your organisation

Inevitably, businesses can expect to manage a sensitive internal issue which will require impartial, expert support to resolve. 

Why not be on the front foot? Proactively build a robust speak-up culture to enhance the performance of your business. 

A speak-up culture is a healthy, supportive work environment where team members feel free to share their ideas, opinions, concerns and complaints, without fear of retaliation or consequence. It helps employees feel safe and have their voices heard.

Employees’ disclosures can help to shape culture, influence positive change, and reduce the risk of regulatory fines, costs associated with legal action, reputational damage, loss of customers or suppliers, and loss of talent.

PKF Integrity offers an intuitive and easy-to-use whistleblower hotline and complaints management service, supported by a national team of expert investigators, who are available 24/7/365. We invite you to receive an obligation free demonstration of our whistleblower hotline and complaints management platform. We can help to protect your people and your business.

Whistleblower and complaints management hotline service

Our industry-leading whistleblower and complaints management hotline service is a channel that allows employees to alert your organisation, anonymously if they wish, about suspicions of misconduct. It is an important tool for reducing risks and building trust as it enables managers to detect and act on possible misconduct at an early stage. 

Our hotline can be accessed via our secure online platform, by telephone, or by email. It is staffed by our experienced investigators, who are available 24/7, 365 days a year. 

The whistleblower disclosure can report their concern in confidence (or anonymously if they wish), knowing that it will be handled efficiently, professionally, and to strict ethical standards. The implementation of the service will also ensure a balanced reporting framework, alongside other internal and external reporting options.

Applying leading-edge technology to make the interaction as comfortable and efficient as possible

Our extensive experience in whistleblowing and complaints management has resulted in the co-design of a state-of-the-art Disclosure Management System. The platform is primarily designed to be victim-centric, simple and user friendly for complainants. 

Our platform offers a variety of features to assist your organisation or agency in effectively managing conduct complaints and protected disclosures, including a customisable online reporting tool for disclosures, complaint categorisation and sub categorisation, a secure online communications platform for whistleblowers and senior staff to discuss disclosures without compromising confidentiality, secure document uploads, access and permission options for staff with different organisational responsibilities, intuitive web-based management reporting dashboard, at-call reporting and data analytics capability, and self-service administration.

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Implement a robust whistleblower and complaints management framework

In addition to our whistleblower and complaints management service, we assist organisations and agencies to develop practical and effective whistleblower and complaints management policies that comply with legislation under the Corporations Act and Public Interest Disclosure Act.

PKF can also provide triage and investigation services that provide pragmatic, tailored advice on responding to conduct disclosed by a complainant. This advice takes into account applicable legislation, lines of enquiry, sources of evidence and proposed investigation strategies for more complex complaints.

Communication and training are fundamental to the success of any whistleblowing and complaints management framework. With this in mind, we provide tailored training sessions, so that stakeholders better understand their roles, responsibilities, and how to effectively handle a complaint. 

In some cases, the type and complexity of the disclosure may make an external investigation the safest option, protecting both the whistleblower from detriment, and the organisation or agency from reputational harm. When this is required, we have a leading national, multi-disciplinary team of investigators ready to assist.

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Why choose PKF?

We offer access to a national, multi-disciplinary team of integrity risk experts. Our backgrounds in law enforcement, legal compliance, regulation, accounting and risk management enable us to provide an end-to-end solution, including effective design of policy frameworks and upskilling of staff, to handling and assessing complaints and (in some cases) investigating complex and serious whistleblower disclosures.

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