Whistleblowing Hotline

Whistleblower hotline and complaints management

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Our whistleblowing hotline and complaints management services are designed to help organisations deal with challenges, including:

  • maintaining whistleblower confidentiality whilst effectively addressing the complaint
  • better managing inherent conflicts of interest
  • effectively and efficiently handling increasing volumes of conduct-related complaints
  • achieving timely resolution of business conduct issues across systems and stakeholders
  • better using information generated from complaints management processes to provide senior executives and Boards with insight into conduct and culture to support strategic decision-making
Whistleblower & Complaints Management Services


Some of the most significant incidents of corporate malfeasance in Australia and around the world came to light through whistleblower disclosures.

Studies show that individuals are often reluctant to report serious misconduct, because of:

  • Fear of retaliation, such as harassment or negative career outcomes
  • Feelings of futility, believing that no action will be taken

A strong ethical organisational culture increases the likelihood of employees making disclosures about serious misconduct. It also increases the likelihood that staff will trust the organisation enough to report a matter first for internal investigation rather than directly approaching the media or regulators. 

PKF Integrity offers a comprehensive whistleblower and disclosure management service, with online and phone-based reporting options, expert triage service and investigations expertise.

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Whistleblower hotline service

Our whistleblowing and complaints management hotline is staffed by experienced investigators, available 24/7, 365 days / year. The discloser can report their concern in confidence (or anonymously if required) certain that it will be handled efficiently, professionally and to strict ethical standards.

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Whistleblower & complaints management platform

Our deep experience in whistleblowing and complaints management has resulted in the co-design of a state-of-the-art Disclosure Management System, with technology developed by Wisetech Global.

Our platform provides functionality to assist your organisation in effectively managing business conduct complaints and protected disclosures, including:

  • online reporting tool for disclosures, optimised for web and mobile
  • automated complaint categorisation
  • secure online communications platform for whistleblowers and senior staff to discuss disclosures without compromising confidentiality
  • secure document uploads
  • access and permission options for staff with different organisational responsibilities
  • intuitive web-based management reporting
  • dashboard reporting and data analytics capability
  • self-service administration
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Whistleblower advisory and training services

In addition to our whistleblower hotline service and  online platform, we assist organisations to develop practical and effective whistleblower policy frameworks that comply with whistleblowing legislation under the Corporations Act and Public Interest Disclosure Act.

Where required, PKF can also provide triage services that provide pragmatic, tailored advice on responding to conduct disclosed by a whistleblower. This advice takes into account applicable legislation and organisational policy requirements.

Communication and training is fundamental to the success of any organisational initiative, including complaints management and whistleblowing. With this in mind, we provide “eligible recipient” training sessions, so that stakeholders better understand their roles and the complaint management system.

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Independent investigation services

In some cases the type and complexity of the disclosure may make independent investigation the safest option, protecting both the whistleblower from detriment and the organisation from reputational harm.

Where independence is required, we can assist by providing independent investigation services.

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