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Initial Public Offerings

Initial Public Offerings

When listing a company on the stock exchange, you need trusted, competent and experienced advisors.

The process for seeking capital from the equity capital markets through IPOs and other transactions requires an approach tailored for the regulatory requirements of ASIC, the ASX or NSX as well the process for accessing retail and wholesale investors.

Before listing you need to consider market and industry stock returns as well as the current strength of the IPO market.

PKF Australia will prepare a smooth launch for your Initial Public Offering (IPO) with thorough timing analysis, planning and execution.

We are able to provide assistance throughout the IPO process, regardless of the reason you are considering a listing, be it:

  • Raising equity to fund the growth of the business
  • Diversifying or increasing the company’s equity base
  • Increasing liquidity for existing equity holders
  • Raising equity to reduce debt exposure.

Our Services

Our advisers understand how to prepare and facilitate a successful Initial Public Offering and will make the process as easy as possible for your business.  We can assist in many areas of the listing process including:

  • Valuation analysis and reports
  • Determining the appropriate capital structure for the IPO
  • Preparation of financial models
  • Assistance with preparation or refinement of financial forecasts and projections
  • Appointment and management of other advisors and service providers (legal, investigating accountant, share registry, investor relations and printer)
  • Appointment of lead manager / underwriter
  • Membership of due diligence committee
  • Preparation of the Prospectus or Product Disclosure Statement
  • Management of the due diligence process for the preparation of the prospectus or product disclosure statement
  • Liaising with ASX / NSX and ASIC
  • Preparation and delivery of investor presentations Preparation of roadshow presentation

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