ANZAC Day 2024

This week our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council caught up with Malcolm Tye, Technology Consultant at VInet, for a Q&A about his time in the Army and to honor Anzac Day. Malcolm spent almost eight years serving in the Army, and today he shared part of his journey with us.

Q. Tell us a little bit about your time serving your country. Where did your time in the army take you?

A. I joined the army in 2012, where I served a total of seven and a half years. I spent my time in the Army conducting multiple training exercises, and it took me all around Australia (except for the NT). A defining moment was in 2015 when I did a tour of Afghanistan. I’ve made friends, parted ways with friends, and unfortunately lost friends as well.

Q. What led you to join the army in the first place?

A. I knew I always wanted to get into IT and also be a personal trainer, as keeping fit was a passion of mine. The Army had both of these to offer, amongst other opportunities.

Q. How has your time in the Army changed you?

A. My time in the Army has shaped me into the person I am today. It taught me many aspects of life whether it came to professional or personal development strategies. A few good examples are the values in which the ADF stand by as a whole, these being; Service, Courage, Respect, Integrity, and Excellence. Additionally, it taught me how to be more adaptive and disciplined.

Q. Anzac Day is now probably the most special day on the Australian calendar – what does it mean to you and your family?

A. ANZAC Day to me is taking the time to remember the battles fought not only in history but also the current battles we face today. It is the coming together of friends and family, whether they have served, are currently serving, or have a family member who has served or is serving to acknowledge their service.

Q. Tell us about what you normally do for Anzac Day. Are you up for the dawn service?

A. I spend the morning of ANZAC day at the dawn service, and then I’ll spend the rest of it with my friends, family, and partner. It’s definitely important to me to spend this day with loved ones.

Q. Do you still march on Anzac Day?

A. Occasionally yes, but mostly not anymore.

Q. What do you generally do after the morning service? Have you ever played the game of two-up?

A. I usually go to the pub to have a drink or two and catch up with friends and family over a game of pool. I’ve surprisingly never played two–up, but I’ll watch my mates play it.

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