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Technology solutions are delivering more information in a faster, cheaper and better way than ever before. If these solutions are accompanied by the right advice the impact on your business can be profound.

PKF has developed a fully integrated real time accounting platform specifically for the hospitality industry. It is powered by technology that leads the world in cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Our platform has the ability to produce basic but complete accounting information (profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow) through to sophisticated industry benchmarking and correlation analysis. In designing the system we canvassed the industry to understand the primary needs of pubs.

Technological change and change management is something we embrace at PKF.

We believe that if the application of technology is properly thought through it can be powerful.

Couple technology with innovation and good service, focused at a particular industry, and the benefits can change your business by creating significant enduring value.

Take advantage of PKF’s specific expertise in Pubs to help manage your accounting needs in a timely and robust manner.

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