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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

When a company is looking at new opportunities for growth, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is one strategic card they may be looking to play. However, as the market looks for the next 'great deal', organisations should take heed of lessons learnt from previous good and bad M&A transactions.

We undertake regular discussions with a large number of buyers and sellers including private, institutional and global organizations as well as private equity firms. These discussions give us excellent insight with respect to their M&A appetites as well as their acquisition and divestment goals.

Our team has provided lead advisory services on a wide range of M&A deals across many sectors and ranging from small bolt on acquisitions to larger mid-market acquisitions.

We leverage our experience in providing valuation and financial due diligence services to ensure that our M&A advice is incorporates technically sound valuation advice and rigorous analysis of financial due diligence issues.

Our Services

We can work with you from deal inception through to completion.  We assist our clients with many aspects of the M&A process including:

  • Acquisition target search and screening
  • Industry research
  • Initial approaches to target companies
  • Valuation advice and reports, including provision of formal valuation opinions where required
  • Synergy analysis
  • Advice on the acquisition structure
  • Assist with acquisition funding
  • Appointment and management of other advisors
  • Management of the overall due diligence process (financial, legal, commercial, regulatory and HR)
  • Conduct the financial due diligence process including preparation of financial due diligence reports
  • Lead negotiations with the vendor or support you, as required
  • Advice on the key terms of the acquisition agreement
  • Management of the completion process
  • Integration strategy and planning

Cross Border Capability

PKF Corporate Finance has team of corporate finance professionals in key markets in Asia, UK & Europe, North America and South America.  We work closely with these teams to ensure that cross border transactions are executed smoothly and efficiently.  This may include specialist support and advice on local markets, financial due diligence, tax structuring and tax due diligence.

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