Integrity risk advisory

Integrity risk advisory

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Integrity risk management has become a crucial aspect of good governance in recent years. The COVID pandemic created a time of unprecedented change for both public and private organisations. Executives had to move quickly to address threats and seize opportunities. And with an increasing focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments, many organisations are embracing the opportunity to align their values and ethics with their business objectives. 

Now is the time to be proactive and manage your integrity risks.

With decades of experience in handling the most sensitive of situations, we can help you reinforce your organisational values and move forward with embedded ethics and a vibrant culture. 

Manage your risks, and minimise incidents

The breadth of integrity risks faced by organisations seems to grow daily. The cost of mitigating these risks is often far less than the effort to manage and resolve incidents when they do occur.

Through our investigation work, we understand how integrity risks manifest themselves in organisations and the drivers of the misconduct.

These insights enable us to provide proactive risk mitigation strategies and assist in the implementation of good governance practices to mitigate these risks. To do so, we undertake risk assessments, risk vulnerability workshops, framework reviews and gap analyses for risks that include fraud and corruption, workplace misconduct management, procurement and supply chain management, anti-money laundering (AML) or counter terrorist financing (CRF) reviews, and other organisational culture risks, including bullying and sexual harassment. 

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Understand your risk exposure

We start by gaining a deep understanding of your business. We adopt a risk-based approach, which considers the context of your operations, to identify the relevant integrity risks. We then work with you to implement pragmatic measures to control the risk, without impacting operational efficiency. 

One of the practical measures we often implement is a risk vulnerability workshop. With this tailored workshop we provide attendees with a relevant, interactive learning experience while tapping into their understanding of the organisation’s risks and their potential impact. Active participation in the risk management process makes these workshops extremely popular. We provide clear, succinct reporting on identified risks and user-friendly road maps to mitigate them.

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Why choose PKF?

Our backgrounds in law enforcement, compliance, regulation and risk management enable us to bring a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to deal with complex issues.

Our extensive experience, having led international, complicated investigations, allows us to provide reliable and meaningful insights for your business.

As part of a leading, international network of advisory firms, PKF offers access to on-the-ground expertise across the globe to support your international expansion plans, if ever needed.

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