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Sean Dillon

Professional Experience

Sean is a Partner working in the Business Advisory division in Melbourne. Having joined the firm in 2005, Sean has developed expertise in providing advisory services to the SME market across a diverse range of industries.

For Sean, the message to his clients is simple. Act on financial information when the time is right but don’t lose the entrepreneurial flair that has got your business to where it is in the first place.

Sean has seen first-hand how his clients have benefited from that message but it a challenge to do both well. “There is a natural evolution within a business life cycle when the decisions you have made have created rapid growth and wealth no longer seem to have the same impact as before. The rewards previously gained either diminish or just don't hit the mark like they use to. It’s not that the old formula is broken, it's simply that the business has reached an inevitable stage in its life cycle I call the plateau of good.”

For clients at this point of their business life cycle, Sean takes them through a strategic planning process to reset the goals and objectives to drive them off this plateau. But it’s more about educating than advising.
“To go from good to great a business needs to clear the distortions that their growth has inherently created. They need to understand what types of decisions need to be made and when, what needs to be measured and why, and what needs to be implemented and how, to see their entrepreneurial talent continue to return the substantial results they have become accustom to.”

Sean’s clients reap the benefits that come from his ability to simplify the financial decisions that take their business from good to great.

Sean’s previous experience includes an industry role with a national Intellectual Property firm. He utilises the skills and experience gained in the areas of budgeting, cash flow analysis and KPI performance reporting to help his clients drive growth and build wealth within their businesses.

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