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Investigations that withstand legal scrutiny

Fraud, corruption, integrity investigations

If your organisation is affected by fraudulent, corrupt, or otherwise unethical behaviour, a workplace investigation is often needed to limit the damage of an incident.

The breadth of integrity-related risks that can manifest inside or against an organisation also need to be assessed proactively. Our experienced investigations team can conduct both reactive and proactive investigations of complex, sensitive matters nationally and internationally, achieving successful outcomes for our clients, including the recovery of losses due to fraud and corrupt conduct.

The PKF Integrity investigations team has more than 100 years of forensic investigation experience gained from a range of backgrounds, including law enforcement and regulatory environments, industry, and professional services. This experience ensures that investigations are conducted with procedural fairness and compliance with organisational and legislative requirements. Each of our investigators hold private investigator licenses in their respective states.

For complex issues that your business must investigate, we ensure that one of our experienced investigators provides hands-on delivery and leadership of the process, adopting a multi-disciplinary approach and a collaborative mindset in pursuing an excellent outcome in the circumstances.

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Our experience

Our experience includes conducting complex national and international fraud and corruption investigations with our approach including a focus on recovering assets lost due to fraud.

Some of the types of matters we have investigated include:

  • Collusion and kickbacks in procurement and supply chain relationships
  • Accounts payable, theft and/or payroll fraud
  • Intellectual property theft and misappropriation of other confidential information
  • Financial misstatement fraud
  • Post-incident cyber reviews
  • Review of government funding arrangements and grants
  • Regulatory focussed investigations
  • Integrity due diligence investigations in relation to organisations and individuals

We are also regularly engaged to investigate workplace misconduct issues such as bullying and sexual harassment for our private and public sector clients.  

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When expertise counts

It is true that knowledge can, to some extent, be accumulated from a textbook or a classroom, but true experience and discipline-specific skill comes from doing.

The discipline of investigation is often referred to as an art. Becoming a real expert in the art of investigation takes many years of experience and dedication to honing the relevant skills. In addition to the required skills and experience, an expert investigator will also possess a range of mental traits such as adaptability, confidence, creativity, discretion, empathy, energy, ingenuity, initiative, integrity, patience, professionalism, resilience, self-control and scepticism.

These traits, together with deep skill and experience, enable an expert investigator to achieve clarity by ascertaining the key issues, avenues of inquiry and sources of evidence - and to identify the human motivations for the alleged misconduct. This often results in sufficient evidence to launch a criminal prosecution or civil action or, in the case of a workplace investigations, the ability to substantiate or disprove an allegation.

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