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Plan for your retirement

People spend more than a quarter of their lives in retirement. How far will your accumulated savings and superannuation take you? And what lifestyle will you lead?

Whilst you are working it is critical that you maximise your income to set you up for the life you aspire to enjoy during retirement.

The core of our business is to help people plan for retirement and then fund their retirement.

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Make confident investment decisions

Investing is a powerful way to grow your wealth, but the process can be complex and confusing. The experts at PKF provide clear, proven advice, to ensure you get the most out of your investment choices and feel confident in your decisions. We also guide you through timing and investment budgets by finding the right balance between your level of comfort and your risk and return.

Our investment recommendations are customised to your unique requirements and extend to any or all the following asset classes: Australian equities, international equities, emerging markets, property securities, government bonds, corporate bonds, term deposits.

We will help ensure you choose the right investment structure for your unique circumstances to deliver the best return over time.

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Maximise your superannuation

Most people aspire to retire earlier than the pension age. Even if you love what you do, having the option to retire and enjoy those golden years is a goal many people share.

Superannuation is one of the most tax-effective ways of saving for your retirement. Whether you contribute to superannuation personally, through your employer or through your own business, the advantages of investing in super are significant and include concessional tax treatment and the ability to attach insurance benefits.

However, superannuation legislation can be complex and with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know if you’ve put your metaphorical eggs in the right superannuation basket. Our wealth creation advisors will provide timely, practical and clear advice to help you through the superannuation labyrinth and ensure you are maximising your superannuation and wealth creation.

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Don’t pay any more tax than you need to

Minimising your tax is an important building block for future wealth. The investment structures you use to build wealth should work in partnership with a strategy that minimises the tax you pay. It’s always better for your money to stay in your pocket, rather than someone else’s.

Your local PKF wealth creation advisor has a breadth of knowledge and experience in structuring your finances to minimise tax. We’ll work with you to put a financial framework in place that considers how you receive your salary, superannuation contributions, investments, debt and risk management, and effective gearing strategies to give you the most tax effective solution for your circumstances.

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Manage your estate

Estate or succession planning is about so much more than just having a documented will in place. It ensures the many years of hard work you’ve put in to build your wealth and legacy continue to provide for you and your family during your retirement and beyond.

Effective estate planning can be a complex process, with many emotional and financial aspects to consider. But a well devised plan set up today can help ease any pain or headaches in the future.

PKF’s team of experience estate planning advisors will help you communicate your wishes around how your legacy is managed into the future. Our experienced financial professionals will work closely with any trusted legal specialists to create a tailored plan.

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Protect yourself with attention to risk management and insurances

Protecting yourself and your family from financial loss is one of the most important roles of any comprehensive financial plan. With a risk management strategy and appropriate insurance in your plan, you can ensure you have enough coverage should you come up against unexpected medical expenses or loss of your ability to generate income.

We have a specialist team that we entrust with this work and who will advise you on the right insurance cover for your situation – whether that be personal (including life, total permanent disability, critical illness and income protection) or business (including key person, debt, equity, revenue, shareholders agreements, buy/sell agreements, trigger events and valuation) insurances.

We’ll work closely with you to advise the right structure to fund the cost of your insurance, minimise tax implications, and determine who should hold the insurance for the best result – you personally, your business or through your superannuation fund.

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Why choose PKF?

We will work closely with you to provide holistic wealth management advice, with experts in investments, superannuation, retirement planning, estate and succession planning, tax, risk management and insurances.

We will share insights to help inform your decision making, and we will talk plainly, without the jargon.

We are results focused. We will help you secure your financial future, so you can focus on enjoying what life has to offer.

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