David Henriksen
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David Henriksen
Senior Financial Adviser

I believe in helping people achieve peace of mind through advice that is provided in an easy-to-understand way. I exceed client expectations by providing them with the best possible outcomes. David Henriksen
Superannuation & Wealth Creation Senior Financial Advisor

Professional experience

Financial Advisory

David has a deep understanding of the strategy and legislation around superannuation, estate planning and investments.

He has worked within the superannuation and investment industry for over 15 years and is a leader within the PKF Australia network. He actively seeks to build and maintain positive relationships with his clients and their referrers - whether that be other clients or their trusted professional advisers – to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

David works closely with a broad spectrum of clients with diverse needs and provides solutions that draw on his extensive experience across the accounting, investment and advice industry. This has resulted in David becoming a private high net worth client specialist who provides holistic solutions and advice – setting him apart from financial advisers who focus only on investment or insurance.

David’s strategic Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) experience allows him to provide solutions that others may not always identify. As a result of this experience, David has consulted on legal matters relating to SMSFs, presented at many seminars, written many articles on the topic of SMSF and investment and in 2017, David was named as the SMSF Specialist Accountant of the Year for NSW at the SMSF and Accounting Awards.

Recent examples of work include:

  • Tax effective investment of client wealth across multiple structures (SMSF, Corporate, Trusts) and implementation of financial planning strategies that extract optimal after tax outcomes for clients
  • Setting up an investment structure as well as asset protection for a client’s daughter who had recently moved to the U.S.A (in collaboration with a PKF firm in Los Angeles)
  • Advising an Australian high-wealth client whose children live overseas and are set to inherit a substantial sum including consideration of foreign tax consequences, asset structures to enable accessibility now whilst also planning for the future and ensuring a happy balance between asset protection, tax effectiveness of assets and estate planning overlay to ensure that the estate is divided as intended.

ASIC Authorised Representative number: 001239053


David is unlike any other accountant you may have met and that is because he is not just another accountant – he is a Financial Advisor, self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) Advisor, Tax Advisor, Registered Tax Agent and a Superannuation Partner. His broad knowledge and qualifications and dedication to the areas of financial wealth advisory and SMSF means that he finds solutions to your problems that your average adviser won’t find.

David is passionate, he genuinely cares and he always works with integrity. What this means for his clients is that they can have confidence that when working with David, the solution that is suggested has their best interests at the heart. This might mean that a growth strategy isn’t as aggressive for one person as it is for another or it might mean that more risk is recommended for one person than another. The key, according to David, is that he looks at the whole person and their whole of life plans and goals, then structures their personal wealth, assets and debt to fit, ensuring that their wealth is protected and that they have the right expertise beside them as they go through different life stages. He stands by his motto, simplify your life, have fun and don’t pay more than you should.

David has a diverse client-base from well-known celebrities and politicians to C-suite professionals and small to medium business owners.

Recent examples of work include:

  • Supported a client with a high-risk business model by putting the correct structures, compliance and tax effectiveness of assets in place for their SMSF to protect their wealth should bankruptcy occur
  • Restructured a client’s SMSF and cleared up debt, allowing them to be ready for retirement and have an easy super fund transition to pension
  • Supporting a client with estate disputes where the client has needed an SMSF specialist to interpret SMSF rules
  • International considerations of bringing superannuation to Australia from an overseas fund and whether or not an SMSF can or cannot receive those funds, especially around the UK QROPS rules and pension transfers
  • Advising on the assets that can and can’t be held within a self-managed superannuation fund.

Qualifications and memberships

  • Bachelor of Business
  • Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • Accredited SMSF Special Adviser (SSA) with the SMSF Association

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