PKF community grows with investment in digital

It’s been a busy few months since we joined the PKF community. We only continue to grow and expand and are excited for our Digital expansion through the recent investment in Onlineone. There has certainly been a lot of transition tasks, meeting new clients and colleagues, and settling into our new office space.

Everyone at PKF has been very welcoming and it’s been great learning about the different business units, our customers, and how PKF operates. Some of my key observations so far are:

  • We have deep client relationships across all business units
  • We put our client’s needs first
  • We focus on quality outcomes
  • We all want to collaborate with each other for the greater good of the firm.

This was great to discover, and very much aligned with the culture of the merged Onlineone business or, as we now say, the new PKF Digital. The new-look PKF Digital is now a stronger business unit with:

  • Over 25 team members, with over 10 years experience in some cases.
  • Presence in NSW, QLD, VIC, and WA.
  • Over 70 clients across almost every industry and state.
  • Highly improved strength-in-depth consulting.
  • High levels of client satisfaction and loyalty, with a Net Promoter Score of over 50.

Some of you may have heard that we do Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations using NetSuite and whilst this is true, we are well on the road to becoming far more.

Our overarching purpose is to help our clients adopt and get the most out of the best technology available for medium-sized businesses, executing on all elements of their digital business strategy. A big part of this will often be ERP, but that’s certainly not the end of it and we are actively working to further widen our digital community through new technology partnerships.

To that aim, we are well on the way to establishing our Digital Business Advisory service:

  1. A process that takes a deep dive into our client’s current accounting and technology use, their business processes, pain points, and key business goals
  2. With this, we then create a report showing clients what their technology future could look like, including the positive impact on their operations, competitiveness, and business goals
  3. This could be anything from CRM to Data Analytics and everything in between and is focused on how they can improve business processes using technology reducing reliance on manual administration tasks
  4. Based on the report recommendations we then work with the client to map out an implementation plan – based on a mix of implementation services from both PKF Digital and from our extensive community of technology partners.

Another initiative we have recently kicked off is our Digital Maturity Index. This is intended as a starting point for clients who don’t know where to begin, and it starts with the completion of our Digital Maturity Survey. Amongst other outcomes, the results allow us to position the client’s current state on the above Digital Maturity Index. Knowing where they are is the first step in educating them and helping them get to where they want to be.

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