People and Culture at PKF Sydney and Newcastle: A Thriving Community Built on Values

At the heart of our success lies a vibrant community shaped by our people and a distinctive culture that has evolved over the years. A testament to this is the presence of individuals who have been on this journey since its inception, embodying our culture and contributing to the firm’s enduring legacy.

The transparency and openness within our firm has created a unique environment where difficult conversations are not only encouraged but embraced. Acknowledging that perfection is elusive, our culture values constructive discussions, viewing them as opportunities for growth and improvement. This inclusive approach fosters a sense of accountability, ensuring that we are always learning and evolving.

We believe that a striking feature of our culture is in our ability to balance hard work with celebration. We maintain a robust social calendar that transcends divisions, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie across the organisation. The emphasis on enjoying work and taking moments to celebrate achievements reflects a commitment to both professional excellence and personal fulfillment.

The cultural pillars of a "can-do attitude," being a good human first, and a willingness to work hard underscore the essence of our identity. The culture is not only about achieving business goals but also about creating an environment where individuals can be the best versions of themselves. The emphasis on shared laughter, even at one's own expense, creates an inclusive atmosphere that goes beyond professional accomplishments.

“We do a lot of volunteering, participation, and getting involved in events and I think that’s real commitment, giving back and honestly it feels good. It feels good to help others.” said Andrew Beattie, Partner.

We invest in our staff, viewing each person as an individual rather than a mere number. This people-centric approach is complemented by a belief in the boundless potential of every individual walking through their doors.

The culture thrives on innovation and a forward-thinking mindset. Our fast-paced and straight-talking approach, coupled with high expectations, creates an energising and rewarding work environment. The community of individuals at PKF is characterized by a passion for turning up every day, innovating, and challenging the status quo.

“We are definitely fast paced, definitely straight talking and they are the two best things that I love about the firm, so for the people that fit that its amazing, its energising, it’s a great place to work and very rewarding.” said Stacie Shaw, Partner.

The testimonials from employees underscore the impact of our culture on their personal and professional growth. Our partners are recognised for their investment in talent, fostering a sense of gratitude and belonging among the team. We believe in an individuals' potential, regardless of their background, and this is a guiding principle that ensures the firm remains rooted in its origins.

Our success is not just measured in numbers but is deeply intertwined with our commitment to maintaining a culture of humility, community engagement, and fun. As we look to the future, the shared values and traditions that have shaped our identity are poised to continue steering the firm towards new heights while preserving the essence of what makes PKF a unique and exceptional workplace.

Learn more by watching the 'Retrospect' series below.

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