PKF's Heartbeat: Community Commitment Beyond Dollars

At PKF Sydney and Newcastle, community isn't just a checkbox on the corporate agenda; it's the very heartbeat of our organisation. Rooted in the belief that giving back is an integral part of success, our partners have woven community engagement into our culture, creating a unique connection that goes beyond financial contributions.

Our commitment to community shines through in various forms. From sponsoring the Newcastle Knights to supporting local charities and initiatives, our involvement is deeply ingrained in the local fabric. The Breast Care Breakfast, an annual event, not only raises funds but fosters a sense of togetherness, aiming to make a positive impact on the lives of those facing breast cancer.

“The Breast Care Breakfast raises a lot of money and brings the community together.” said Tony Doyle, Chief Operations Officer.

We have a hands-on approach to community involvement. We don’t just cut checks; we dedicate time, encourage staff to volunteer, and actively participate in events. The staff's moral compass aligns seamlessly with our community-focused mantra, resulting in a grassroots movement where initiatives often stem from the individuals themselves.

“It’s not just driven by the firm, its driven by our staff. I must say that we have a staff cohort that have a great moral compass, and they are the ones that often drive some of these initiatives.” said Tony Doyle.

PKF acknowledges that giving back is a reciprocal relationship – you get back what you give out. This philosophy extends beyond the firm's walls, resonating with both clients and employees. Staff retention is bolstered by a shared sense of pride in the positive role PKF plays in the community, creating a workplace where individuals feel their efforts contribute to something meaningful.

“One of our pillars is to give back to community, whether that be in dollars and I’m not going to say that easy, but its easier, but also in-kind. We do a lot of volunteering, a lot of participation, getting involved in events, because I think that’s real commitment giving back, but in honesty it also feels good.” said Andrew Beattie, Partner.

The community focus isn't a top-down directive; it's a collective effort driven by our moral compass. We ensure that community engagement is more than a marketing exercise; it's about doing good for the right reasons.

“We know that our team and our clients want to work with a company that gives back, and we do, we have a lot of people doing really good things, for proper, benevolent, legitimate reasons and often they do it quietly.” said Stacie Shaw, Partner.

In essence, we believe that supporting the community isn’t a separate initiative but an integral part of their brand. As we continue to grow and evolve, community engagement remains at the core of our values.

Learn more by watching the 'Retrospect' series below.

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