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Regulation and compliance changes remain a constant for the financial services sector. Businesses such as banks, insurers and wealth management service providers face numerous challenges with increasing compliance burdens, regulation shifts, changes to legal systems and a focus on good governance and accountability.

Financial services organisations need to evolve and innovate to stay relevant to customers, and to compete in markets which are constantly being disrupted from traditional ways of work. Innovation is key to success, with organisations needing to develop and utilise new technologies in order to progress and survive. With new competitors disrupting the market, traditional providers need to stay relevant to customers and evolve and innovate, developing and utilising new technologies to survive in a highly competitive environment.

PKF has a specialist team of financial services experts across our Australian footprint. We have the knowledge and expertise to help drive your financial services business forward, exclusive access to advanced tools and software, and a network of global advisers that collaborate to bring the best of the world to the local market.

Become a leader in the financial services sector with PKF

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PKF’s financial services specialists help organisations to protect reputations, seize opportunities and look with confidence towards the future. We are not pigeon-holed into working with just the big organisations – we support and collaborate with banking, wealth management and insurance organisations of all sizes, and our experts  have exposure to a multitude of environments and clarity over the full spectrum of challenges that the industry faces.

We are:

  • An experienced team of specialists
  • Experts in the financial services sector
  • Agile and flexible
  • Collaborative and proactive
  • A safe and reliable partner

We offer financial services organisations assurance and risk service expertise, particularly in relation to the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), Australian Financial Services Licensing (AFSL), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and associated regulatory environments.

Work towards confident solutions for your challenges with our qualified specialists.

Specialised services for financial services organisations 
experts who really understand your needs, goals, challenges and opportunities 

Our specialised services for the financial sector include:

  • Audit and assurance
  • Data analytics and business advice
  • Financial reporting advisory
  • Governance advisory
  • Information services
  • Risk management advisory
  • Taxation

Start future proofing your organisation today with our specialised financial services support.