Terence Petersen
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Terence Petersen

The speed at which organisations move is crucial to being prepared for the next emerging risk. Organisations are now recognising the benefit of being on the front-foot as recovery time is proving to shorten with time. Terence Petersen
Business Recovery and Insolvency Director

Professional experience

Terence is a Director with PKF Melbourne with over 20 years of extensive experience in all facets of Recovery & Insolvency.

He has had exposure to all forms of recovery assignments, from personal insolvency to a wide range of corporate appointments across a range of industries.

Terence’s technical knowledge and expertise encompasses all traditional types of formal appointments as well as providing advice and implementing strategies in informal workouts.

During a career dedicated to insolvency, Terence has developed a specialist knowledge in the area of personal insolvency including bankruptcy appointments and formal arrangements under Part X.

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