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Ken Weldin

Professional Experience

Ken is a Partner working in the Audit and Assurance practice of our Melbourne office.
Ken brings an understanding of how complex groups work, the ability to work in and around the Boardroom and C-suite and from that, is able to cover the technical requirements of your external reporting requirements.

With over 20 year’s professional experience in the UK, US and Australia including time in commercial financial roles in the industry, he understands the importance of ‘the Right Information, of the Right Quantity, of the Right Quality and at the Right Time’ in informing corporate decision making and financial reporting outcomes.

Ken holds an MBA where he focused on Corporate Governance, Board Performance and Director Induction matters in particular and is a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia (formerly Chartered Secretaries Australia), gaining the leading corporate governance qualification in Australia.

He is a recognised subject matter expert in corporate governance and experienced practitioner in providing tailored governance, risk and compliance solutions in both the public and private sectors, drawing upon learnings from his role as lead external auditor to some of Australia’s largest entities.

Ken is a published author on the topic of corporate governance and frequent lecturer on key themes as well as serving on the Governance Institute’s National Legislation Review Committee as an active member of a number of working parties providing comments to regulators and standard setters.
Ken’s recent work has focused on the role of culture and conduct in corporate decision making.

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