It's not just about the business. It’s about the business owner and their family. It's about their plan and being there as a helping hand to ensure success.

Chaya Lal
Business Advisory Partner

Chaya Lal


Chaya joined PKF in 2012 and was appointed Partner in the Business Advisory Division in 2017.

With a specialisation in the Property Development and Construction industry, Chaya is an industry expert in this area facilitating her clients with immense knowledge and experience.

While her clients are mainly in the building and construction industry, she also has in-depth experience with owner-operated supermarkets, professional service firms, and medical practices.

Although her main areas of focus are tax and business structuring advice to high net worth individuals and large family groups, Chaya is now increasingly working with business owners and entrepreneurs who have ‘outgrown’ their current service providers and are often in need of help.

Her focus and specialisation include restructuring in the SME space, Division 7A compliance (including becoming compliant), helping business owners through ATO reviews, trusts and advising new businesses in relation to structuring and helping business owners be ‘sale ready’ when they are in a position for management buyout or a sale.

Chaya’s hands-on and practical approach has seen her working closely and assisting her clients with implementing major restructure strategies and advising on complex tax issues in our ever-changing tax environment.

With over 20 years of chartered accountancy experience in both Australia and New Zealand, working within top tier accounting firms including KPMG, Fordham Business Advisors, BDO and Grant Thornton, Chaya is an industry expert who assists her clients with determination and a goal driven approach. Her vast experience makes her an asset to the Melbourne firm.

Chaya applies her resilient and persevering characteristics to all facets of life, including moving to one of the world’s most complex tax law environments – Australia – at a young age. Chaya focuses on the importance of a personal approach when advising clients, understanding that her tax and business structuring advice are the building blocks to their success.

Recent examples of work include:
  • Successful client restructure ensuring:
    • Asset protection by creating a ‘firewall’ between active business and investment entities;
    • The restructure facilitated the introduction of new business partners in accordance with the succession plan; and
    • Continuous saving of income tax through the more tax efficient structure
  • Successfully advised high net worth taxpayer in relation to significant transactions over 4 years that were subject to an ATO audit. No additional taxes were payable.
Qualifications and memberships: 
  • Bachelor of Management Studies (Accounting)
  • Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia & New Zealand (CA ANZ)
  • Fellow of the Taxation Institute of Australia