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Not For Profit

There is sometimes a preconception in the community that the not-for-profit (NFP) sector is not really serious about money.

At PKF Australia, we know that the contrary is the case: in some ways, NFPs need to be more focused on their finances than their profit-focused counterparts. As governments increasingly divest responsibilities to NFPs and funding gets tighter, this is more and more the case.

Aside from raising funds, management of today’s charity, foundation, community group or other NFP requires a high degree of transparency in financial matters. Stakeholders expect to know where the money is coming from and where it is going.

PKF understands these challenges. We work with a wide range of NFP enterprises, providing the cost-effective guidance, financial advice and day-to-day accounting necessary to let managers get on with the job of running their organisation. Our services to the sector include:

  • strategy development, particular around establishment and pursuit of fundraising targets
  • establishment of financial systems
  • streamlined financial reporting
  • guidance on issues of governance and compliance
  • outsourced financial control and/or bookkeeping
  • general business advice and business planning
  • renumeration planning.

As a not-for-profit manager you need advice that is in touch with the unique challenges of your sector. That’s where turning to PKF Australia can make the difference.

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