PKF’s Generosity Unveiled: A Case Study in the Impact of In-Kind Giving

Recently SurfAid had the opportunity to sit down with Paul Pearman, Audit and Assurance Partner at PKF, to gain deeper insights into the partnership and PKF’s commitment to social responsibility.

For the past five years, PKF has been an invaluable supporter of SurfAid, providing pro bono financial services. This partnership not only ensures transparency and accountability in SurfAid's operations but also allows us to allocate more resources towards our mission of improving the lives of families in remote surf communities.

Why is it important for PKF to create positive change in the global community and support organisations like SurfAid?

PKF as a global professional services firm has a responsibility to contribute positively to the communities in which we operate. Supporting organisations like SurfAid aligns with our commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development that extends beyond business operations.

Partnering with organisations like SurfAid is an excellent chance to showcase our commitment to ethical business practices and societal betterment which is at the core of our values. Over the past five years our engagement with SurfAid is a clear example of how the power of meaningful relationships contributes to long-term global sustainability. We are excited to continue to invest in initiatives with SurfAid that address pressing social and environmental challenges to create a more equitable, prosperous and resilient future for women and children supported by SurfAid.

How do PKF's values of passion, community, and integrity align with SurfAid's mission?

PKF's values of passion, community and integrity strongly align with SurfAid's mission to improve the health, well-being and resilience of remote communities connected through surfing. SurfAid's commitment to empowering local communities resonates with PKF's emphasis on inclusivity, collaboration and fostering a sense of belonging. Both organisations share a dedication to genuine, honest relationships built on mutual respect and integrity, as well as a belief in collective action to drive positive change. Furthermore, SurfAid's focus on sustainable, community-led development programs mirrors PKF's passion for making a meaningful difference and our drive to innovate and adapt to create opportunities for others.

Can you share a story or example that illustrates the impact of PKF's partnership with SurfAid on the communities it serves?

PKF's partnership with SurfAid has a tangible impact in the remote communities they work with. For instance, our annual audit service, valued at over $20,000, represents significant cost savings for SurfAid. These savings can be redirected towards vital programs in remote Indonesian and Pacific communities. For example, SurfAid could reduce stunting in an entire village with just $25,000 or implement their full health, water, and nutrition program for a year with $40,000. Over our five years of support, this partnership has enabled SurfAid to stretch its resources further and make a lasting difference for the families living in these communities.

One of the goals of SurfAid’s programs is to improve gender equity in the communities we work with. PKF recently formed the Gender Equity Network - can you tell us a bit more about this?

The PKF Gender Equity Network (GEN) is a program designed to foster gender equity, leadership development and career advancement within the professional services sector of Australia and New Zealand. The network aims to cultivate a culture that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion through discussions, learning and development opportunities and the sharing of inspirational stories.

The GEN seeks to inspire and empower ambitious professionals ultimately working towards creating more equitable and inclusive workplaces. By promoting gender equity and nurturing leadership capabilities, the GEN aligns with SurfAid's goal of improving gender equity in the communities they work in.

How does PKF measure the impact of its pro bono support of organisations like SurfAid?

PKF measures the impact of its pro bono support for organisations like SurfAid through a comprehensive approach that encompasses both quantitative metrics and qualitative assessments. This involves quantifying the value of services provided, evaluating outcomes and long-term impacts and engaging with the organisations leaders to gather feedback and insights. By analysing factors such as increased access to healthcare, improvements in community well-being and advancements in gender equity, PKF assesses the effectiveness of its support in contributing to SurfAid's mission objectives. At PKF we ensure our pro bono efforts contribute to meaningful and sustainable change through ongoing evaluation and leadership engagement.

Why should other service businesses consider providing pro-bono support to non-profits like SurfAid?

Service businesses should consider providing pro bono support to not-for-profits like SurfAid because it offers a powerful avenue to fulfill corporate social responsibility, promotes a positive image and makes a huge difference to those less fortunate. By leveraging skills and expertise to address social and environmental challenges, businesses can make immense impact in communities, as well as enhance team morale and engagement in the process. Additionally, pro bono work presents networking opportunities and strengthens relationships with like-minded organisations potentially leading to future collaborations and business opportunities.

The partnership between SurfAid and PKF exemplifies the profound impact of in-kind giving and the transformative power of businesses leveraging their expertise to support meaningful causes. PKF's support not only ensures SurfAid’s financial sustainability, but also frees up resources that can be redirected towards our vital programs in remote surf communities.

This partnership showcases how businesses can use their existing services to make a tangible difference, allowing SurfAid to maximise our impact and reach even more people in need. 

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