Mark Lonnon Employee of the Year - Sangeetha Ravisankar

Introducing our data superstar 

Sangeetha is a consummate professional motivated by numbers with over four years’ experience here at PKF. Her role encompasses: governance and risk management, as well as business intelligence. 

In the area of workplace compliance and wage underpayment analysis, Sangeetha’s expertise has been instrumental in identifying unpaid salaries exceeding $3 million for one employer. Beyond identifying breaches, she actively works with clients to implement technologies that prevent future occurrences.

As a valued member of PKF’s audit team, Sangeetha plays a pivotal role in both internal and external audits. Her commitment to data accuracy ensures that audit reports are robust and precise, reducing audit risk. She recently presented at the PKF Audit and Assurance National Training seminar and the PKF AsPac Conference, showcasing her expertise in data and tools such as Power BI to train audit analysts across the Australia and Asian Pacific PKF member firms. Moreover, Sangeetha is actively involved in strategic planning and expanding the Data team we have here at PKF Sydney and Newcastle.

Looking ahead, Sangeetha’s five-year goals involve attaining a senior position at PKF, leading a team, and participating in decision-making processes. She is pursuing leadership development and mentorship opportunities within the PKF network, aiming to broaden her perspective and grow her professional network.

Sangeetha’s commitment to her workplace and the community is evident through her various initiatives. She actively promotes well-being and open communication among staff, addressing burnout issues through real-time feedback. As a member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion council, she contributes to fostering an inclusive work environment.

Sangeetha’s passion for her role, dedication to the community, and ability to foster inclusivity make her an exceptional employee at PKF.

Her outstanding contributions earned her the Employee of the Quarter award for Q4 in FY 22/23 and took out the Mark Lonnon Employee of the Year Award. Sangeetha’s excellence in driving data analytics and her genuine willingness to help others stand out made her a deserving recipient. Sangeetha’s Indian heritage as well as being bilingual see her effortlessly assimilates herself with grace and humility creating a welcoming atmosphere for colleagues and clients.

Sangeetha’s passion for her role, dedication to the community, and ability to foster inclusivity make her an exceptional employee at PKF. Her remarkable achievements and commitment to professional growth with make her a valuable employee at our firm.

Sangeetha Ravisankar EOTY1
Sangeetha Ravisankar EOTY

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