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JumpStart: PKF Business Advisory Services power up JumpStart to get to where they want to go faster

When Edward Juers’ business venture, JumpStart, began to gain real momentum, he knew that he had to leave behind his basic accounting support for a more sophisticated and expert approach to growing his business.

Establishing a start-up from idea to fruition and then ensuring it continues to grow comes with its challenges. Being a savvy entrepreneur, Edward understood that the best approach was to set up business structures that provided for the business’ growth not only today, but for the next five to 10 years. He was a long-term thinker, which has been part of the reason for his success.

Edward reached out to our experienced advisers in PKF Adelaide for business advisory support, and from there developed a strong partnership with our team as we worked collaboratively on his business growth.

I knew from day one I needed to keep everything as streamlined and simple as possible, Edward said.

PKF provided comprehensive advice on how to structure my business at the early stage, helped me meet all the legal requirements of a start-up, and focus on how to position JumpStart to kick off in the right way.

JumpStart is all about keeping people connected by providing remote charging stations for mobile devices. Businesses can have a power bank of chargers installed onsite, to offer an add-on service to customers. Regardless of the business type and where it is located, JumpStart can be easily adapted to provide their unique service.

PKF Adelaide Manager, Koby Lockett said similarly to Edward’s vision for a business that powered up people’s technology, we provided a service that powered up his business.

“We’re passionate about supporting start-up entrepreneurs, like Edward, who are chasing their dream and bringing to life a really effective idea but want to get their approach right from the first instance for the best chance of success,” Koby said.

We’ve implemented Xero to help simplify his accounting processes, provided advice around structuring the business for long-term growth, given insight on governance and helped Edward turn his vision into a reality. We understand the unique needs of start-up businesses and can cater our business advisory services to suit.

PKF believed in Jumpstart’s vision and understood that in order for the business to grow, they needed a tailored financial and accounting plan that was developed around their goals.

PKF understands my position as a start-up…and for me, this means that we’ve been able to succeed earlier. With PKF’s support, we are taking JumpStart national, which is extremely exciting. I’m looking forward to working with PKF long into the future, Edward said.

PKF offers a range of accounting and business advisory services that provide direction and support to emerging or start-up businesses to help them reach their extraordinary potential. No matter your business idea or industry, we offer the expertise to help guide you along your start-up journey.

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