How to promote impartiality in investigations

When an organisation or government agency receive a complaint that requires the involvement of external investigators to address it, several actions unfold.

An effective external whistleblower and complaints platform helps staff members to disclose suspected fraud and workplace misconduct. Using an external provider - such as PKF - establishes trust, impartiality and protection, which in turn increases the likelihood of complaint reporting. 

Why outsource to external investigators

Organisations often opt to delegate investigations to external investigators for several reasons. One important factor being the pursuit of impartiality. When there is a concern that individuals within the organisation who are responsible for assessing complaints may have close ties to the person being accused, it can raise doubts about their ability to remain impartial.

If the internal investigation is not perceived as impartial, it can lead to a loss of confidence in the process and outcomes by all parties involved. This loss of trust can have significant repercussions. It may discourage staff members from coming forward with complaints, potentially leaving the organisation or government agency vulnerable to a potential crisis if a problem remains undisclosed.

Therefore, the perception of impartiality is crucial in determining whether individuals feel comfortable raising concerns. By outsourcing investigations to external investigators, organisations can enhance the perception of fairness and ensure that the investigative process is seen as unbiased and trustworthy.

Must-knows when choosing an external platform

When it comes to choosing an external platform for whistleblowing and complaints, organisations and government agencies should carefully evaluate several factors. These factors include accessibility, 24x7x365 availability and data security. It is crucial to make an informed decision while implementing a user-friendly and intuitive reporting system. By using an external platform for whistleblowing and complaints, organisations and agencies can effectively manage risks, save time and reduce costs.

Now, let's explore what happens when an organisation receives a complaint and needs to involve external investigators to address the issue. Consider the following factors:

  • Does the external investigations team possess the necessary capacity and expertise to conduct a thorough investigation?
  • Does the investigations team have a presence at both national and regional levels?
  • Do the investigators prefer conducting the investigation through in-person meetings or are they comfortable with virtual methods?

At PKF Integrity, we offer a comprehensive solution that covers everything from policy development to training, an external whistleblower and complaints platform and a national team if highly qualified investigators who operate on a national scale. 

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