Finance Fundamentals for Decision Makers - Training Session

Ever wondered why 'finance and accounting stuff' is treated like assumed knowledge - especially if you're in business, or a management position, or just curious even; and haven't done a commerce / finance / accounting (or similar) degree?

Ever felt a little in the deep end; or maybe had a vague feeling there's something you should know, but have never been taught?

Considered trying to up-skill on it, but not even sure what you don't know yet?

Wanting your team to up-skill on it, but not sure where to point them?

And worried it'll be boring and dry as heck, chew up a day of your time and deliver nothing practical?

Well we got you.

Presented by Hanna Barry, Principal at PKF Newcastle, our "Finance Training for Decision Makers" session is tailored to enable you to:

  • Understanding main accounting terms
  • Interpret common financial reports
  • Have the confidence required to own the 'numbers' conversations
  • Plus provide practical and pragmatic insights into finance and accounting
  • AND, we'll provide a light breakfast / morning tea - how good is that?!

Newcastle - Finance Fundamentals

Date: Tuesday, 6 August 2024
Venue: PKF Newcastle - 755 Hunter St, Newcastle West, NSW, 2302
Cost: $295 excluding GST
Value of feeling you and your team are well-equipped: Priceless

If you would like to talk to us about hosting us at your premises onsite for a bespoke training session on this topic, please contact Stacie Shaw using the link below.

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