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Borg: Trusted business advisers for over 20 years

After a decade in business, Borg was growing at a rapid pace. The founders, John Borg and Michael Borg, knew what they wanted to achieve and set about finding the right partner to advise them and help the company to grow. For over 20 years now, PKF has been Borg’s trusted business advisers and has been working closely with the two brothers and their management team to grow the company to what it is today.

Manufacturing Masterdom

Borg is proudly Australian-owned and employs over 2,000 people nationwide, whilst supporting sustainable practices across all its companies and brands. The business is comprised of many other companies including polytec, Crossmuller, Australian Panels, reDirect Recycling, Workplace Industry Training, Bettergrow, Plantation Pine Products, Space Urban and Direct Pallets.

Committed to manufacturing in Australia, Borg has developed a range of brands from manufacturing services to recycling initiatives. As a result of this, it is the largest manufacturer of wood-panelled products in Australia.

The entire company is vertically integrated and holds an impressive environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) path. Borg takes their impact on the world seriously and manages the entire product lifecycle from growing trees right through to the completed product going to market. They own all their own plants and transportation and also have a manufacturing automation business, as well as a waste operation.

This really is the full circle of ESG.

Big Business. Big Risk.

Borg was growing rapidly, and their needs outgrew their local accountant. They were referred to PKF by one of their business partners and have been working with our team ever since.

When Borg first began working with the team at PKF over 20 years ago, they were turning over 50 to 100 million dollars. With PKF by their side, they have expanded to turn over a billion dollars plus.

With big business comes big risk. As Borg is a virtually integrated company spanning so many different companies, they encounter many complex processes to skillfully navigate in order to succeed.

Our Business Advisory and Corporate Finance Director and manufacturing specialist in Newcastle, Simon Rutherford was the ideal partner for Borg. He used his years of experience within the industry to ensure Borg had successful strategies focused on building thriving organisations.

We have worked closely with brothers, John and Michael, through all the stages of the business growth in dealing with strategy, finance, structuring, reporting, recruitment, and all of their MMA work, Simon said.

Borg has grown organically with a lot of their factories, but they have also acquired some substantial factories from others. This means that the business is required to deal with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). The PKF team takes care of these dealings on Borg’s behalf.

PKF works closely with Borg’s senior management team as lead advisers on a large range of matters throughout the company. Simon and the PKF team work with Borg’s leadership team around their capital allocation, capital structuring, acquisition, financial reporting and costing systems, treasury function and dealing with their financiers, IT management and security. And once the company became large enough to require auditing, our specialist Audit & Assurance team worked with them on that too.

Borg has specialist taxation requirements, an aspect of the company taken care of by PKF in conjunction with the Borg team.

Trusted Advisers

PKF is involved with all the branches of Borg’s vertical alignment structure, a substantial relationship just by the volume of industries that they work in.

The team not only help Borg in terms of the everyday ins and outs of the company, but also support them with their network and connections in terms of acquisition opportunities and other growth opportunities. Borg uses Simon and the team as a sounding board or basis for the introduction.

In true PKF fashion, our specialists always ensure the right people for the job are part of the team. For example, Borg required a specialist property development team and our team recruited the CEO.

As trusted advisers, we are more than just accountants and we do more than manage your business. We become part of your team. Your commercial sounding board. Your success is our success.

PKF. Where smart business goes to grow.

For strategic, unique manufacturing advice, get in contact with our trusted team of specialists today.

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