Over the years I have tended to give companies and people who are in financial difficulties every assistance and support possible to achieve a goal that is satisfactory in the circumstances for all stakeholders.

Stirling Horne
Business Recovery and Insolvency Consultant

Stirling Horne


Stirling has worked almost exclusively in the insolvency field since 1965, when he commenced work in the Official Receivers Office.

During that time Stirling has been a leading practitioner in corporate and personal insolvency, including receivership, voluntary administration, liquidations of all types, Part X and bankruptcy. In addition to this, he has been involved in numerous workouts where insolvency appointments were not appropriate.

As part of his role, Stirling has carried out investigations into issues including incorrect accounting, insolvent trading, undue preference payments, uncommercial loans, and hidden assets. These investigations have led to the preparation of expert reports and Stirling acting as a witness for either the plaintiff or defendant in court proceedings.

In a career spanning 40 years Stirling has had experience in a very wide range of industries. He is a registered and official liquidator and is a registered trustee in bankruptcy.

Recent examples of work include:
  • Administering two doctors, one in the city of Adelaide the other 150 kilometres out of Adelaide. Both have been able to continue to operate as before, one in a clinic the other in a partnership.
  • Appointed by the Federal Court as a liquidator over a company owned accountancy practice that had recently merged into another practice. With the assistance and cooperation of the director was able to facilitate the company coming out of liquidation whereby a dividend of 100 cents in $ was paid.
  • Appointed voluntary administrator over a country based operating hotel with a TAB licence two days before a creditors petition was due to be heard; potential sale in hand; trading on funds advanced by secured creditor; secured creditor also agreed to defer its security to the extent of the principal amount owed for unpaid superannuation. Within 6 weeks the sale was completed including the termination of the leasehold, all licences were transferred and all employees kept their jobs.
Qualifications and memberships:
  • Accounting Diploma (Adelaide University)
  • Australian Society of Accountants
  • Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CA ANZ)
  • Member of TMA
  • Official Liquidator
  • Registered Liquidator
  • Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy