I get immense enjoyment from assisting clients to identify innovative solutions to their challenges. Being part of our clients’ success is the greatest reward in what I do.

Anthony Sullivan
Business Advisory Services Director & Partner

Anthony Sullivan


Anthony is the lead Partner of the PKF Hospitality and is responsible for the creation of the unique, hospitality specific, intellectual property held by PKF.

The application of this Intellection Property has seen the Hospitality Division of PKF rapidly grow to be the trusted advisor for publicans with over 200 pubs under their management.

Anthony also leads the firm’s Industry team, where helps industry groups maximise synergies through system improvement, buying groups, co-operatives and franchise networks. Industry groups he has worked with in this capacity include:

  • The Hotel Industry
  • The Club Industry
  • Franchise (across many different sectors)
  • Pharmacy

Anthony has been involved in complete system reviews, starting up buying groups and co-operatives, incorporating/restructuring existing buying groups and co-operatives and preparing them for sale or IPO.

Similarly he works with franchisors and corporates looking to franchise on business improvement initiatives. Specifically he helps them understand if franchising is right for their business, what the commercial output will look like if a change in structure or strategy is implemented, taxation and other compliance consequences and appropriate capital structures and funding alternatives available to them.

Anthony is the also the lead Partner of PKF Digital (PKFD). PKFD is a specialist in enterprise technology solutions and Data Analytics. The current Software partners include:

  • NetSuite Oracle
  • Deputy
  • Light Year
  • Infinite Cloud

PKFD has built Wranglr, a proprietary data analytics platform providing real time insight and previously unattainable value to the hospitality sector.

Recent examples of work include:
  • Design & implementation of enterprise software solutions for the Real Estate sector
  • Lead Advisor on the establishment of a hospitality insurance Mutual
  • Corporate restructuring and capital raise for a cosmetics company that has grown 300% in the last 2 years.
  • Organisational restructure of an advertising group resulting in over $1 million of realised efficiencies.
  • Data Analysis for a group of 12 hotels resulting in changes to core operations, including rostering, procurement & logistics
Qualifications and memberships :
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Associate of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ)
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)
  • Founding Partner and Board Member of Frandata Australia Pty Ltd

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