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International tax solutions

For even the most complex environments

Efficient and effective tax management

is key to your international success

If your business grows and starts expanding overseas, you will face a new set of tax legislation and laws that govern the way you conduct business. Adding to the complexities of a new tax environment, the international taxation landscape is also constantly changing.

An efficient and effective tax structure is key to ensuring your business ticks all the boxes for your tax needs and to avoid non-compliance penalties, which can be costly.

Whether you’re setting up a foreign-owned business in Australia or are a local business dealing with overseas customers or suppliers, you can rely on PKF’s international tax team to support you and your business.

Our technical and industry specialists help you navigate the complexities of the Australian tax implications of your business structure and transactions, so you avoid pitfalls that can arise from cross-border dealings. 

Optimise your business for global success today with our tax expertise.

Reliable advice for your business

through cross-border dealings

Avoid the pitfalls of international dealings by ensuring your tax structure is efficient and meets your obligations. An international tax specialist is now essential to ensure you are aware of the benefits and potential tax risks of your cross-border work, and know how to optimise your business for them.

We can identify, manage and review the following to help you understand your business obligations in Australia when international tax factors are at play:

  • Transfer pricing advice and reviews
  • Withholding tax obligations on payments made to non-residents
  • Business structuring implications
  • Employee issues
  • Financing choices and decisions
  • International tax treaties
  • Tax obligations across more than one tax jurisdiction
  • Taxation risks
  • ATO audit activity.
Let us develop an efficient tax structure to suit your business today.

Local support for your international tax needs

backed by a global network of experts

Our global network of independent PKF firms covers more than 400 cities. We give you quick and direct access to tax experts across all the key international markets, whilst providing a local service and understanding.

Our focus is on bringing the best of the world to family businesses everywhere and transforming global opportunity into local growth.

We understand the opportunities and risks that operating in an international market present. Wherever you are. Whatever stage you are at. Whatever field you are in. We have people who understand and can help you navigate through the international tax complexities and requirements.

Contact our team for innovative solutions with a global approach for your business.