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Corporate Advisory

Corporate advisory
more experience, better outcomes

Client-focused corporate advisory services 
grow your business, realise value and make decisions with confidence

Every stage of the business life cycle comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. As you grow your business and eventually exit it, success will mean you have to overcome many risks and seize opportunities. You’ll need strategies to get the best value from your hard efforts.

Our corporate advisory team provides business owners, investors, directors, and executives with practical advice on growth strategies that will best increase the value of your business.

PKF’s approach is built on a client-first mindset. We invest the time to get to know your business objectives and strategy. We offer our global experience to challenges and opportunities and give you the confidence you need to make decisions that will help your business grow safely.

With a senior team that has worked on over 1,000 deals, we bring strong ideas and deliver great results. We do this by looking at how opportunities to buy, sell, fund or fix a company can add or preserve value. We’ll help you achieve your ambitions at the right pace. Our corporate advisory partners have a long track record of helping clients navigate deals and growth opportunities to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Working with PKF allows you to take advantage of our close relationships and regular dialogue with colleagues in key markets.

We bring you a strong global network that covers more than 400 cities and the capacity for cross border deals that deliver increased value and superior results for our clients.

Want to achieve more with your business? We can help.

Mergers and acquisitions
Our passion for great deals that deliver results

Our team assist with every stage of your merger or acquisition journey – from growth strategy and target identification to due diligence and completion. PKF has deep experience in helping clients to navigate the complex financial, regulatory and operational issues that come with any merger or acquisition deal.

Our work doesn’t just stop when the dotted line is signed. PKF’s experts support you with your post-merger integration as well, to ensure your deal is successful for the long term.

PKFs merger and acquisition services include:

  • Initial approaches to target companies to bring parties to the table that you know, or we have identified for you
  • Valuation advice to ensure you pay the best price possible
  • Strategic analysis to identify deal benefits and issues to manage
  • Acquisition structure advice to help ensure value ‘leakage’ is reduced
  • Negotiation assistance to ensure the deal terms are strong
  • Due diligence process management to ensure the financial, legal, commercial, regulatory, information technology and human resources risks are lessened
  • Procurement of acquisition finance to help you fund the deal
  • Appointment and management of other advisors
  • Integration strategy and planning to ensure value is captured from the transaction after the deal is done
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Capital raising
Our extensive networks will secure the investment you need

PKF has an extensive network of local and global financial investors including:

  • Private equity funds
  • Family offices
  • Private and high net worth investors
  • Debt providers – banks and alternative funders

We will work together with you, sharing our strong ideas, specialist expertise and effective resources to determine the best funding plan and structure for your business.

We provide you with technically sound independent advice that will help you weigh up all the factors and get the right funding for your growth plans.

PKF will ensure that you are “investor ready” and that potential investors are presented with high quality information to get you the best deal.

We can assist with capital solutions for:

  • Business expansion
  • Funding for new markets, products, channels or regions
  • Mergers and acquisition
  • Management buyouts / buy-ins
  • Refinancing and working capital needs
  • Initial public offerings
Access the capital you need with the PKF approach.

IPO support
Expert advice to take your business public

When listing a company on the stock exchange, you need trusted, competent and experienced advisors with national and international experience.

We can help you prepare a smooth launch for your Initial Public Offering (IPO). Your local corporate advisory specialist will provide thorough timing analysis, planning and execution, regardless of why you are considering listing and where. Our approach will ensure your business is fully compliant with ASX, NSX and ASIC regulatory requirements.

Our IPO services include:

  • Valuation analysis and reports
  • Determining the appropriate capital structure
  • Preparation of financial models
  • Preparation of financial forecasts and projections
  • Pre-IPO funding
  • Selection of underwriters and brokers
  • Appointment and management of other advisors (legal, investigating accountant, share registry, investor relations and printer)
  • Preparation of the Prospectus or Product Disclosure Statement
Talk to our team to access IPO support that can help your business grow.

Rewarding your dedication and hard work

After years of hard work, focus and dedication, the decision to sell your business will be an emotional experience for you, your family and those working in your business.

In our experience, it’s better to start planning your exit strategy well before you expect to sell. Realistically, your ongoing business plan should always have your end goal in mind. It’s important to ensure that you are prepared appropriately for sale.

Our specialist team will work with you to outline all possible exit strategies to ensure you understand the process of divestment and how buyers assess value. We’ll take you through the advantages, disadvantages and likelihood of success for each divestment approach, relevant to your situation.

PKF delivers strong results. We repeatedly achieve strong financial outcomes for our clients that far exceed the offers they receive prior to engaging us.

We do this by identifying the right buyer(s) or investor(s) and leveraging our global network. We have led a significant number of rigorous sale processes and are adept at maximising competitive tension. We are experienced at communicating key value drivers and managing risk.

See your business rewarded with our transition planning support

Business optimisation
Delivering value to reward your business

Our ambition is to raise your ambition. The expertise PKF delivers can give you confidence that will see you into the future.

It is critical that the value of your business is optimised prior to commencing any sale process to maximise your return.

To maximise your return, we:

  • Develop short term strategies to maximise value
  • Identify the nature of likely buyers (trade, private equity or IPO)
  • Investigate the key value and risk drivers for each buyer type and their potential value range
  • Optimise working capital to release surplus cash prior to sale
  • Conduct commercial, operational and people reviews from a buyer’s perspective
Optimise your business and raise your potential through PKF.