Structuring for success


With the right business structure, a foundation for success can be laid

Structuring or restructuring your business?
PKF specialists can help find the winning formula

Choosing the right structure for your business, or implementing an effective restructure, is critical to the success of your business. 

How you structure your business will be dependent on many factors. This includes the size and type of your business and how involved you plan to be in the day-to-day operations of the enterprise.

There are several ways business can be structured, but the four most common are: sole trader, company, partnership, and trust.

PKF’s structuring specialists take the time to get to know you and your business, as well as your goals and aspirations. We sit down with you to understand where you are now and where you want to be in the future. We’ll work with you to create a business structure that meets your needs and allows you to achieve your goals.

Set your business up for success with our winning formula

The right structure for your business is critical to success
Trust your local PKF specialist for a better way to do business

We can bring a global perspective to the challenges and opportunities that your business faces to help you make the right shifts to your business’ structure with confidence. Our structuring specialists have extensive experience and are passionate about getting to the heart of your business, so we can establish a structure that:

  • Is flexible enough to respond to your growth ambitions.
  • Is tax efficient and avoids potentially complex tax implications.
  • Enables the development of a succession plan that protects the security of your family, your business and yourself.
  • Protects your business assets and keeps your family assets separated.

Whether you are just starting out in your first business or your business has evolved to the point where a restructure will deliver greater rewards to you and your family, we can help.

Our technical and industry experts are committed to developing the right business structure to support a successful business and help you get closer to your goals.

Set up a business structure that promotes growth with our support