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Internal Audit

Accelerate growth through internal audits
A vital tool in improving business performance

Anticipate future concerns and identify weaknesses
to protect your business

The goal of internal audit is to help the organisation improve. As your business grows, so does your responsibility to manage change. At the same time, understanding how to identify and manage your susceptibility to change becomes more complex.

Our experience tells us the better you understand your risk profile the better positioned you are to capitalise on the upside of change and risk, while minimising any negative risk from impact on the health of your business.

To deliver these attributes our approach keeps an open line of communication with you while helping you:

Identity, understand and manage
high risk areas within your organisation
robust risk management systems
with policies, plans, procedures, laws and regulations
Safeguard assets
and make efficient use of resources
Measure and streamline
operations and programs
corporate and operational objectives with goals

Internal audit in practice
PKF’s gold standard approach

PKFs internal audit process focuses on providing you with:

  • A strong, credible first impression.
  • Practical guidance to help keep ‘honest people honest’.
  • Flexibility to audit at the ‘speed of risk’.
  • Maximise opportunities from data analytics techniques to identify anomalies, omissions, duplications, errors and other insights from data sets.
  • A focus on root causes – ‘we don’t just tell you what, we tell you why’.
  • Commentary on hot topics including culture, behaviours, conduct, talent, regulatory change and cyber.

The PKF Australia Internal Audit methodology is anchored around the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors. We also strongly promote the Australian and New Zealand Standard on Risk Management (AS/NZS 4360) and the COSO Enterprise Risk Management Framework.